Our iconic flagship store at Drottninggatan 77 in central Stockholm is back in business after being closed for renovations during spring. 
Earth Day 2022 - Learn more about our vintage product!

Earth Day 2022 - Learn more about our vintage product!

As a vintage brand, sustainability is at the core of our ethos. We pride ourselves in selling preloved vintage fashion in an effort to re-home the millions of items that otherwise go to landfill every year! Learn more about sourcing our product here!
Beyond Retro x Converse : Upcycled Striped Shirts ♻️

Beyond Retro x Converse : Upcycled Striped Shirts ♻️

We are so excited to have worked on another project up-cycling the iconic Chuck 70's, transforming formal menswear attire and giving the classic garment a new life.  A series of discarded striped shirts were sourced, graded and cut for the collection, reshaping the nostalgia associated with classic office wear to create a unique summer capsule, with breathable, lightweight upper.

Introducing Re:Yak

Introducing Re:Yak

If you want to clear out your closet... plus fancy a wardrobe refresh, you can bring them into store and we will buy back items in exchange for Beyond Retro credit. We're looking for best designer, sportswear, workwear and now Lucy & Yak items!!
Shop our 'No War' Tote Bags and support the crisis in Ukraine

Shop our 'No War' Tote Bags and support the crisis in Ukraine

Marina Ovsyannikova, a russian Channel One employee who staged an on-air protest as she held up a anti-war sign behind a studio presenter was our inspiration for the 'No War' tote bag. 

The situation in Ukraine is utterly devastating to us and as a brand, we want to do what we can to support the crisis which is why we have launched the 'No War' tote bag. Through our medium of using used as an input to express our feelings on this crisis we are able to contribute to a global effort of helping the refugees. 

New store Opening - Westfield White City

New store Opening - Westfield White City

We are so excited to announce that we are opening a brand new store in the UK’s number one shopping centre, Westfield London in March 2022. As the first sustainable, vintage fashion store in their original West London mall, we are proud to be taking their original experience to even more customers. 
International Womens Day: Celebrating 20 years of our Retail Director Kate Peters

International Womens Day: Celebrating 20 years of our Retail Director Kate Peters

In honour of International Women's Day, we’re celebrating our amazing Global Retail Director: Kate Peters. Leading our brand from our first store in Cheshire Street to now 12 stores in the UK and Sweden... (and counting!), she's been a sustainable trailblazer for Beyond Retro since 2002. We wouldn't be where we are without her, and couldn't ask for a better leader to steer our vintage ship. We sat down for an interview and asked about her journey with us for the last 20 years...

 Kate Peters Beyond Retro

Tell us how you started working for Beyond Retro... what was it like 20 years ago?!

I fell into Beyond Retro by accident, I only intended to stay 5 minutes but fell in love with a small bunch of amazing people who loved vintage and wanted to create fun exciting stores. Today it's a large bunch of people - but the same passion remains. I get to work with fantastic minds who love vintage and see the value of recycling fashion. I'm fortunate that I've always worked with people who wanted to make a difference.

What makes you so passionate about vintage clothing?

I’ve loved it as long as I can remember. As a kid I adored dressing up in my grandmother's old 40s and 50s dresses, as a teenager I wore my mum’s outrageous 60s dresses and my great grandmother’s dresses and petticoats  - I've always been into clothing with stories.

What are the biggest challenges you've faced?

We’ve definitely had a lot of different challenges over the years, but getting through Covid was the most testing. We saw a lot of great companies fall, I’m extremely grateful to everyone on our team who got us through this, and our customers who supported us through such a tumultuous time. 

How have you seen the fashion retail landscape change?

The conversation around sustainability. Brands are finally starting to realize they need to take responsibility for what they are putting out there to the customer. It used to be all about speed to market with no thought beyond this, no consideration to the longevity of clothing, but at last the conversations are on the table. Change is happening slower than it needs to, but at least it's starting. 

What are some of your fondest memories of the Beyond Retro journey so far?

Opening our first store in Sweden was pretty special. Launching a new store is always exciting, it's like racing towards opening night of a show, all these clever people come together to create something really magic. It was a joy to find like minded people in Sweden who wanted to create the same magic, and we’ve loved growing a customer base there over the last few years. 

What advice would you give to those hoping to achieve their goals?

If your goals align with something you love and believe in, you're halfway there. The hard effort to achieve your aspirations will be all the more rewarding. 

What are your hopes for the future of sustainable fashion?

I hope sustainable fashion becomes accessible to all, obviously this is complex and not just about lowering the prices of sustainable products. We need a societal shift. We need a global shift. I look forward to a time when all fashion is created to be circular, whether by production values that mean those clothes can be recycled and reworn and repaired over and over like the clothes handed down from our grandmothers, or made using circular technology meaning clothing can be regenerated into new clothing or other uses - so nothing goes to waste.

Beyond Retro x Converse: CT70 Upcycled Fleece is Live!

Beyond Retro x Converse: CT70 Upcycled Fleece is Live!

We've been working with Converse to develop another amazing line of sustainable-led, unique sneakers. The fresh new collection saved thousands of fleece jackets from landfill, through repurposing the functional, durable performance fabric into a limited edition batch of tri-panel Chuck 70s.
Welcome to Beyond Retro, Frölunda Torg!

Welcome to Beyond Retro, Frölunda Torg!

Welcome to Beyond Retro, Frölunda Torg. Our second store in Gothenburg, opened in December 2021. 

In the store you can find an offer of over 6000 unique, handpicked secondhand- and vintage pieces. 

You’ll find us on the 1st floor, in the main hall of Frölunda Torg, check out Google Maps here

Opening Hours

Vardagar: 10:00 - 20:00

Lördag: 10:00 - 18:00

Söndag: 11:00 - 18:00




Beyond Retro Exchange: Recycle & Refresh Your Wardrobe

Beyond Retro Exchange: Recycle & Refresh Your Wardrobe

Help close the loop on fashion waste & sell us your pre-loved pieces <3

Hey vintage lovers...

We are all about Out with the New, In with the Old. And in our journey to bring our lovely customers more ways to be sustainable, and to help close the loop on fashion waste... we are launching our Exchange programme across all our stores in the UK & Sweden!


So what does this mean? If you want to clear out your closet... plus fancy a wardrobe refresh, our buy back can help! We're looking for the best designer, sportswear, workwear items and on trend, vintage pieces from the 70s to the 00s. 

Become part of the circular economy, bring in your best pre-loved and high street pieces, and get money off your next vintage purchase! Check out the list below that will be updated regularly with what we're on the hunt for and bring in your pieces in store. If there's anything we don't take, we can recycle for you with Love not Landfill in the UK, and Human Bridge in Sweden!

The Nitty Gritty

How it works...

1) Clear our your closet. Launder items you wish to sell to us.

2) Bring them to one of our stores.

3) Our team will look through your pieces and let you know what we'll take.

4) You'll receive 20% of the selling price in a Beyond Retro giftcard to spend in store


- All pieces must be laundered before bringing them in.

- Please ensure all pieces are in excellent condition. We cannot accept damaged or stained items.

- Please keep an eye on what we are currently buying...

Find out more here

Brands we always love:

Designer ---> Aquascutum,  Balenciaga, Balmain, Berghaus, Burberry, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Christian Dior, Comme des Garcons, Coogi, DVF, Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi, Givency, Gucci, Helly Hanson, Hudson Bay, Jaegar, Lanvin, Loewe, Mary Quant, Missoni, Miu Miu, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Pringle, Valentino, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and any designer brands.

Brands ---> adidas, Ben Sherman, Calvin Klein, Carhartt, Champion, Coach, Columbia, Converse, Dickies, Diesel, Disney, DKNY, Dr Martens, Fila, Fred Perry, Fubu, Guess, Harley Davidson, Hugo Boss, Hunter, Kappa, Kenzo, Kickers, Le Coq Sportif, Lee, Levi's, MaxMara, Nike, Osh Kosh, Patagonia, Pendleton, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Stussy, The North Face, Timberland, Umbro, Vans, Wrangler

Products we are buying now ---> Sports, Tshirts, Jeans, Jumpsuits, Playsuits, Dungarees, Flares, 90s shirts, 70s shirts, Silk Blouses, Sherpa lined denim jackets, Puffer Coats, 70s dresses, 70s blouses, Workwear, Silk Dresses, Denim shorts, Hawaiian shirts, 00s pieces, sweater vests, 80s dresses, 80s dresses, prairie dresses, prairie blouses 


Vintage Nike Sweatshirts - A guide

Vintage Nike Sweatshirts - A guide

Since the 1980s Nike have been banging out some amazing sweatshirts and hoodies, from plain logo crewnecks, to bold slogans in bright colours, to team sweatshirts across all US and European sports.  Here's a guide to all the different styles out there and how to wear them.

80s prints vintage Nike sweatshirts.

The 1980s weren't just about shell suits, neon colours, shoulder pads, amazing synth music and industrial decline, this was also the decade of sportswear as casual wear, from football to tracksuits to golf, trainers, polos and sweatshirts were worn as going out clothes for the first time.

A bold 80s print Nike sweatshirt can be worn with trackies, jeans, or oversized as a dress. They also looked great with cropped trousers and hi tops. 

The hoodie

A 90s phenomenon for the right and wrong reasons, the Nike hoodie was worn by lads playing football, by gangs, by girls wearing their boyfriend's one as an oversized look.  Hoodies can look aggressive or just plain comfy, based on what you wear them with and how you wear them. Again these can look great oversized (buy an XL from us and see what we mean) or cropped with leggings or low rise jeans.

The plain crew neck

Ah the sheer simplicity of a crew neck sweatshirt in Navy, black or a marl grey with a simple swoosh embroidered into it. If the vintage Nike sweatshirt is slightly aged it can look even better, authentic and real and slightly ragged. 

Sports teams

Sports teams is all about the connotations. Wear US college teams you've been to, or UK football teams you don't care about, but like the colours, to wearing something from your home town. Just search on our site and see what you find. 

To find more vintage Nike at Beyond retro, click here


Vintage Nike Sweatshirt at Beyond Retro





Neighbourhood Guide - Falkenberg

Neighbourhood Guide - Falkenberg

New week new city! Hello Falkenberg! A real summer city <3

We opened up our store here, in the new sustainable part of the city - Kvarteret Hjulet - during fall 2020. You’ll find our store in Gallerian Stortorget.

Falkenberg is a perfect stop if you’re travelling the west coast and down south in Sweden. An idyllic small town with long, dreamy beaches. 

Our team picked some must-go-to spots! Enjoy; 

Skrea Strand (Beach)

One of the most popular beaches in the area! 2 kilometers of sandy beaches and lots of nice restaurants, bars and activities to do. This is a classic Halland beach, with super soft sand, and almost no rocks / stones in the water. Some of the nearby businesses we love is Strandbaden, Ocean Hotel & London Bus Catering.


Rådhustorget 1a (bar & restaurant)

In the city centre of Falkenberg you find this "gastrobar", erasing the borders between bar, reasaturant and the kitchen. Focus is to create a relaxed vibe and a space to enjoy the company, no matter if you want to just drink something or have som snacks or a proper dinner.


Falkmanska (coffee/café)

Wanna grab a coffee, catch up with a friend or just find a space to get some work done - Falkmanska is your go-to. Their super cozy backyard is the perfect hide away if you need a break from the beach and some refreshments.


THE landmark with a big L! Tullbron is a stone bridge built in the mid 18th century. An iconic monument and a classic Falkenberg symbol. Take a walk over this historical bridge, and you'll soon reach...


 Lilla Napoli (pizzeria)

Pizza heaven. Lilla Napoli, located at Halmstadvägen 1, a 5-10 min walk from our store is a mecca for pizza lovers. People from all over the country is travelling to get a slice and experience the hype. This place is religiously dedicated to pizza - and the surrounding area is less important. Just how we love it.

Welcome to Falkenberg! <3