Hawaiian Shirts Guide

Hawaiian Shirts Guide

The Hawaiian shirt is a true vintage classic, an iconic look that has lasted through the decades and is now a staple in the summer style staples. Whether you’re inspired by a retro film or your uncle’s holiday style, there’s no doubt that its influence is everywhere in fashion. So we’ve decided to delve into the history of this iconic shirt, from its origins to the big pop culture moments that have kept the Hawaiian shirt back to the forefront of men’s fashion.

The Origin of the Hawaiian Shirt

Even though Hawaii was self-governed in the 1880s there was still a massive presence of US-run businesses. Seeking cheap labour, American business owners recruited from all corners of the world, from China, Korea and Portugal, but most importantly to the Aloha shirt, Japanese immigrants. 

Why was this important?

Aloha shirts have strong Japanese roots as these immigrants often brought with them bright kimono fabrics. Filipino and Chinese immigrants also play a role by bringing barong talongs, a type of traditional untucked shirt, and multicoloured silks.

These foreign influences, paired with Hawaiian native Kapa cloth clothes, were instrumental in creating the Hawaiian shirt.

Fast forward to the 1920s where Gordon Young, a student at the University of Hawaii, worked with his mother’s dressmaker to create a ‘pre-aloha shirt’. Using Japanese Yutaka cloth, known to be used by Japanese women for work kimonos. Patterns included blue or black bamboo and geometric designs on white backgrounds. Soon enough, these became popular with his classmates in Hawaii. Young later attended the University of Washington, bringing his shirts with him, turning heads aplenty and sparking a lot of fashion debate.

It wasn’t until the 30s that the Aloha shirt really started to increase in popularity. The key to this was Ellery Chun, a local businessman who had just graduated from Yale in 1931. He transformed a Chinese dry goods shop into the first mass producer of Hawaiian shirts, coining the term “Aloha-shirts” and making them a must-have of Honolulu.


The Mass production of Hawaiian Shirts

Shortly after, Hawaiian shirts went into mass production. Alfred Shaheen was at the forefront of this, during the 50s his textile company ‘Shaheen’s of Honolulu’ was the largest producing Hawaiian shirts in Hawaii. Aloha shirts for men were his big speciality, but his range also included sarong dresses for women, the first of their kind being made in large-scale. As sales boomed, Shaheen hired teams of artists to design new motifs for fabrics, with artists experimenting with prints and producing non-traditional coconut tree’s, oriental fish and surfers.

Other big names such a Kamehameha and Duke Kahanamoku, as well as Shaheen’s of Honolulu, helped turn the Hawaiian shirt from a novelty tourist item into a commercially traded product.

Our 6 Favourite Hawaiian Shirt Moments In Pop Culture

From Here to Eternity, 1953.

Hollywood in the 50s really embraced the shirt. Shaheen was big on celebrity endorsement, encouraging all the biggest Hollywood stars to wear his pieces, helping them break through to more mainstream fashion in America. They became immortalised on the silver screen with Frank Sinatra, Ernest Borgnine, Montgomery Clift, and Burt Lancaster all wearing them in the 1953 movie classic, “From Here to Eternity.” making them a staple in movie fashion history.

Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii, 1961.

Elvis was THE style icon of his time, breaking boundaries in men's fashion throughout his career, capturing the imagination of the world. When the King of Rock n Roll starred in Blue Hawaii, he was the perfect model for Shaheen’s Hawaiian Shirts. Coupled with an iconic soundtrack and set in paradise, Elvis made the Hawaiian shirt the perfect item for a summer holiday on the beach.

Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I., 1980-1988.

This American crime drama set in Hawaiian became an overnight success, ranking in the top 20 TV shows in the US for most of the 80s. As the key character, Tom Selleck’s stardom exploded, and his relaxed summer style featuring multiple Hawaiian shirts in a dazzling array of colours and prints, along with short shorts, baseball caps and accessorised with lots of chest hair and a giant tash, became one of the most recognisable looks of the decade.

Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, 1994.

Just when you thought the Hawaiian shirt’s loud colours had been left in the 80s, the outlandish comedian Jim Carrey somehow brings it back for his bizarre character in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Not the most obvious source of style inspo, Carrey works an open Hawaiian shirt over a white t-shirt and flashy trousers making it modern, fun and wonderfully weird.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Romeo + Juliet, 1996.

This was quite possibly the best film of the 90s, with Baz Luhrmann adapting William Shakespeare’s classic without changing the language, but updating the location, music and style, taking it to dizzying heights of cool. Leonardo DiCaprio cemented his 90s heartthrob status for life in this film, and his beautiful collection of Hawaiian shirts, also worn by his crew The Montagues, showcase how to make this look effortlessly cool.

Johnny Depp, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998.

A modern classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a trippy adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s American Dream novel that became a cult hit. Johnny Depp took his wardrobe into his own hands, managing to get a hand on items that really did belong to Thompson himself, including his iconic Hawaiian shirts. This bad boy take on the relaxed summer look was combined with hazy yellow sunglasses, bucket hats and converse, perfect for an endless, potentially trippy, summer.


How to style a Hawaiian shirt

Feeling inspired by our top classic Hawaiian shirt moments? We've chosen 3 easy styles perfect for everyday wear whether your off on holiday, having a weekend at a festival or just hanging out with your mates.


Hit the beach in a classic Hawaiian shirt and add some fresh colours to your holiday wardrobe. Whether you're looking for scenic beach prints, palm leaf patterns or a novelty parrot motif, we have a Hawaiian shirt for every occasion. Style with beach trunks or shorts for an easy breezy look to handle the heat.

Festival Ready

Shop bold Hawaiian print perfect for a summer full of festivals. Layer over your favourite vintage t-shirt to put your own style stamp on this classic look. Don’t forget your favourite 90s sunnies to hide tired eyes!

Skater Street Style

This low key look is perfect for a weekend in the city, at the skate park or the pub. Pair with your trusty old pair of Vans and jeans and you’ve got a great look for day to night.

Already got your vintage Hawaiian shirt but it needs some TLC? Check out our vintage care guide to sewing a button to help you keep your item for longer!

The Most Iconic Party Girls and Boys of all Time

The Most Iconic Party Girls and Boys of all Time

We like to think we throw a good party here at Beyond Retro, but our dedication to gatherings, soirées and ragers is nothing compared to these party monsters.

The Weeknd & Bella Hadid dressed up as characters from Beetlejuice

Top 20 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Are you in desperate need to dig out your Halloween ideas from the crypt?

Well, no need to be frightened, as the Beyond Retro team have summoned up some celebrity inspiration from the bowels of spooky celebrations past.

As the fateful 31st approaches ever nearer, direct your eyeballs towards our favourite celebrity All Hallow’s Eve looks pulled from The Osbournes to The Kardashians.

20 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

1. Lupita Nyong'o as Dion from Clueless

Lupita Nyong'o as Dionne from 'Clueless' - The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes You'll Want to Copy - StyleBistro

Ugh AS IF! Lupita looks totally stunning dressed as the iconic Dion from 00's cult film Clueless.

We love the simplicity of the costume and the attention to detail. 

2. Winnie Harlow as RuPaul


Two icons together as one. Obviously Winnie looks INCRED, who doesn't love a little red latex moment?

3. Katy Perry as a Cheeto

In 2014, Katy Perry was hilariously adorable in her Flamin' Hot Cheeto costume.

Looking like a total snack, Katy Perry is never one to miss an opportunity to show off her goofy sense of humor and this costume captures it perfectly.

We're taking notes for this years costumes, a Dorito? A Cheese sandwich? A family-size trifle? There's just too many good food based costumes you could do.

4. Emily Ratajkowksi as Marge Simpson

The Most Spot-On Celebrity Halloween Costumes | Who What Wear

Emily really doesn't do things by halves, we commend her dedication to the full-body yellow paint. 

Cosplay as Marge this year by shopping our vintage dress selection, where we have many a green number

5. Harry Styles as Elton John

Harry Styles wore a LA Dodgers costume in the style of Elton John. See all the best celebrity halloween costumes.

We love a tribute, don't we girls?

Harry Styles went as his pop-idol Elton John for Halloween. You can recreate this incredible look with some of our retro-inspired sunglasses

6. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd as Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice

The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes. 2018 The Weeknd and Bella Hadid were inspired by Beetlejuice for their fancy dress outfits.

Bella Hadid and then-boyfriend The Weekend went as characters from one of our favourite cult-classics.

Heavy on the 1980s influences, this look should be easy to source in our stores!

7. Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

Heidi Klum Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

Try this look at our home with our gorgeous party collection, avaliable in store and online. 

8. Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban as Sonny & Cher

Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban - Sunny and Cher

 The Kardashian sisters know how to do Halloween.

Kim, knowm for pulling multiple Halloween looks, dressed up as Sonny and Cher with her best friend.

9. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry as The Clintons

Katy Perry Halloween 2016

 Iconic! If there's one thing we love more than Halloween, it's left-wing politics! 

This costume is a joy to behold. Shop our vintage selection of suits to nab yourself a costume worthy a 2014 presidential candidate. 

10. Beyonce, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy Carter as Barbie & Ken

The Craziest Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2016 – Lupsona

 Family looks are hard to beat. Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy as Barbie, Ken and ... girl playing with dolls (?) is a sure winner.

Re-create Beyonce's look with a vintage swimsuit, Jay-Z's with a vintage suit and Blue Ivy's with a vintage leather jacket.  

11. Lady Gaga as Edward Scissorhands 

Pop icon Lady Gaga loves to pull a look so it’s no wonder that she literally became Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands last Halloween.

You too can recreate this classic look with a vintage shirt, layered leather belts and a black wig.

12. Khloe Kardashian as Khaleesi

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson went as Khaleesi and Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones.

No matter your stance on Kardashian culture, there’s no denying that this isn’t a well put together interpretation.  

13. Adele as The Mask

Singer Adele is looking s-s-s-s-s-s-smoking in her incred version of Jim Carrey’s character in The Mask.

Recreate the outfit yourself with a vintage suit from our website.

14. Jessica Alba and Kelly Sawyer as Romy and Michelle


This recreation of one of the best 90s cult films ever is a great look to pull off for you and a bestie.

Grab yourselves some metallic mini dresses just like Kelly Sawyer and Jessica Alba did!

15. Madonna as a Clown

Whether you’re a Ronald McDonald or a scary Pennywise, creepy clowns are a Halloween staple.

Queen of pop Madonna couldn’t look further from herself in this classic clown costume, complete with matching red makeup and accessories.

16. Neil Patrick Harris and family as Batman


If there’s one thing we look forward to every Halloween, it’s Neil Patrick Harris’ adorable family Halloween costumes.

A few years ago they took on Gotham with their infallible Batman costumes, with parents playing the villains and kids as the heroes.

17. Zoe Kravitz as Marla Singer


Not that we’re allowed to talk about it but Zoe Kravitz somehow managed to turn her Fight Club Halloween costume in something way more chic than we could ever pull off.

Have a go yourself with a faux fur coat!

18. Kelly Osbourne as Joan Holloway

Here at Beyond Retro, we always love a nod to Mad Men which is why Kelly Osbourne’s Christina Hendricks inspired look has made our inspo list.

Recreate the vibe with a vintage 60s dress of your own.

19. Justin Timberlake as Buzz Lightyear

The absolute best Halloween family costume last year would be awarded to Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and son Silas for their iconic Toy Story tribute. Get us those cow print chaps!

20. Imaan Hammam as Slash

Model and multi-featuring Vogue cover star Imaan Hammam completely rocks her homage to Guns N Roses frontman Slash.

The PVC trousers, western belt and bold blue eyeshadow make for a brill combination.

Bonus points for bringing along a guitar, though we really hope no drunk dude used it to play Wonderwall at the afterparty.

If you’ve enjoyed this, be sure to check out our 2019 Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas for some more spooky inspiration! Don't forget you can celebrate Halloween with Beyond Retro through an array of events we are hosting, and once the party is over you can recycle your Halloween costume back to us and receive  £5 voucher!

Winona Ryder’s Best Looks

Winona Ryder’s Best Looks

In Hollywood some people age like fine wine and others like milk; Winona Ryder is part of the first group. As her career has progressed from 90s poster girl to 21st century Netflix queen, so has her style. As we’re researching our looks for Stranger Things Secret Cinema later this year, we came across a plethora of absolutely killer Winona looks that we are desperate to recreate. So in honour of this icon we run down the top Winona Ryder Fashion Moments of all time.

Best Winona Ryder Looks

1. Slacks ‘n’ sex appeal

Winona in a suit

Winona’s style in the 90s played with androgyny, as she carved out her iconic style in over-sized blazers, shirts and chunky shoes. This shoot perfectly encapsulates her style, with a crisp shirt, braces and smart slacks in a totally sexy, laid-back ‘morning-after’ look. We’re putting a twist on this look by pairing our favourite high-waist black trousers with an over-sized vintage shirt worn over a black bralet. Perfect summer-weekend attire.


2. Biker Babe

Johnny Depp e Winona Ryder, 1990

One of the most iconic and beautiful celebrity couples to have ever existed, Depp and Ryder were the IT couple of their time. Winona wore this look to a Vogue party in 1990, looking fresh faced  alongside Johnny Depp. We’ve bookmarked this classic look for drizzly, autumnal nights out when you are desperate to wear your favourite party dress, but don’t want to be caught in the cold. Grab a fitted, flirty, mini dress and an over-sized, vintage leather jacket for the ultimate effortless, cool-girl look.

3. Veronica (Heathers)

Winona Ryder in Heathers

A cult classic and a story that went on to inspire other 90s cult favourite such as Jawbreaker, Heathers is an iconic piece of film history, as were the costumes. It’s preppy-ness overload from start to finish, and always has us reaching for our pleated skirts whenever we watch it. Winona’s look is so simple yet instantly recognizable, as the powder-blue, puffball skirt contrasts with the wickedness of Christian Slater’s character JD. We’re recreating this quintessentially 80s look, pairing a blue mini skirt, black vintage crop top and blue cardigan - who knew this costume would be so wearable?

4. Kim Boggs (Edward Scissorhands)

ZOE on Instagram: “Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands (1990)”

One of Winona’s most notorious roles was sweet Kim Boggs in Edward Scissorhand; is it just a coincidence that Ryder’s CV happens to be all of the biggest. Cult classics to date? With blonde hair and a pastel wardrobe, she looks heaven-sent. The perfect low-key look to recreate for an easy Halloween costume or a fun formal look, you can put together this outfit with a white, skater dress and the perfect peachy makeup.

5. Eternally Effortless 1991

From Heathers to Stranger Things: Winona Ryder's best looks

Finally an excuse to wear your favourite, comfy outfit - you’re actually channeling 90s Winona, OBVS. This kind of look is the perfect Friday outfit as it will take you from office to pub to bar, and even to Saturday brunch if you feel like going all out. Nail effortless dressing with your best pair of vintage Levi’s, classic band tee and leather jacket. The beauty of this look is that with a simple change of shoes you can completely change it up.

6. Joyce Byers (Stranger Things)

Winona Ryder in Stranger Things | ASOS Style Feed|HAIR!!

In 2016 Winona took our screens by storm again, this time in one of the biggest, most-talked-about and most-memed shows of the decade. We are head-over-heels obsessed with all of the looks in the past three series of the show, mining our huge vintage collection to find the perfect 70s and 80s pieces to build our own Hawkins look. Joyce Byers, the most stressed-out mum in TV history has taken Ryder’s look in a different direction. The classic Joyce that both the viewers and Hopper fell in love with is a cardigan-wearing, khaki-loving mum-style icon. Throw on your best corduroy trousers, flannel shirts and striped tees and you’re Upside-Down ready. 

For more outfit ideas for the upcoming Stranger Things Secret Cinema then head over to our blog where we show you how to put together the ultimate Stranger Things- inspired look. Alternatively you can shop our Stranger Things edit or our 90’s era vintage.

Words Eloise Gendry

The Beyond Retro Guide To Summer In London 2019

The Beyond Retro Guide To Summer In London 2019

There is nothing quite like the city in the summer. It might feel 10 degrees hotter because of those pesky building and lovely pollution, and you might not be able to actually find any room in a beer garden between June and August, but DAMN London just feels different in the sun.

If you don’t live in London we highly recommended to visit when the sun's out; we have more roof-top bars than you can shake a stick at, after all. 

The great British tradition of ‘tinnies in the park’ really becomes a part of everyone’s lives in summer, regardless of where you are in the country; but if you feel like taking a day or two to explore the other things the city has to often then boy, do we have a list for you.

Top 15 Things To Do In London In Summer

Urban Beaches

If the city feels too hot, hectic and crowded, escape to the beach without even having to leave London. There are some hidden gems that make the perfect day out, check out Ruislip Lido for a beachy retreat in Zone 6.

Image result for ruislip lido

Underbelly Festival

For the past 10 years Underbelly Festival has been taking over Southbank and this year is going to be it’s biggest yet. On until September, the pop-up festival provides a summer of shows for affordable prices and a mixture of big names and up-and-comers. For all the weird and wonderful goings on check out the Underbelly Festival website.


Image result for london fields lido

There’s nothing like a swim to cool down after being in the sun. Grab yourself a vintage swimsuit and head down to one of London’s lidos. Have brunch in Broadway market and then head to London Fields of take a stroll around the Serpentine followed by a leisurely dip in the Serpentine Lido. You can see a list of the top ten lidos in London here.

Notting Hill Carnival

A pillar of the London summer experience, Notting Hill Carnival is an eclectic celebration of Caribbean culture, arts, community spirit and cultural diversity. Every year you’re able to enjoy a boozy weekend full of live music, djs and the best local street food. There are 38 sound systems blasting beats across the weekend and culminates in the grand finale parade. Notting Hill Carnival is on from Sunday 25th August until Monday 26th August, what a way to spend the bank holiday. Head to the website for more details on what to expect.

Summer Streets - Central London

Taking place on Sundays from 14th July to the 15th of September Regent Street closes the roads to traffic for it’s yearly Summer Streets festival. “Including a range of activities, entertainment and food and drink offerings instead of the usual traffic, Regent Street is the perfect place to while away your summer days.”  With lots of brands, museums, food and drink companies involved it’s sure to be a good way to spend a sunny Sunday. More details here.

Film4 Summer Screen - Somerset House

Summer Screen

Arguably the best outdoor cinema experience in London, the Summer Screen at Somerset House is a yearly event where Film4 host movie nights in the famous courtyard. Snuggle up in a blanket as the sun goes down and watch some iconic flicks including The Princess Bride, This is England and Clueless. Tickets and info here.

Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course

The Monster

Relive your youth and finally live your dream of being on Get Your Own Back (except with less slime?) by heading to Ally pally to take on ‘The Monster’. The inflatable obstacle course includes an 18m mega slide along with sections called ‘The bouncy cage of doom’, ‘The Exterminator’ and ‘The House of Hell’ - Fun! If you fancy tackling the course head to their website here.


Mayfield Lavender Farm

Image result for mayfield lavender

Escape the hustle and bustle by heading to a fragrant, purple paradise. The Lavender fields sit on 12 acres of land that has been lovingly taken from dilapidated to delightful. Undoubtedly a calming day out - plus think of all the pics you can get for the ‘gram. Find out more about Mayfield here.

Bearpit Outdoor Karaoke 

Bearpit Karaoke

There’s nothing like embarrassing yourself in front of strangers and this year there is a new place to do just that! On June 15th, July 13th, August 10th and September 14th, Bearpit Karaoke will be taking over Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens for guerilla karaoke, encouraging strangers to get up and sing as a crowd forms to watch. A fun afternoon or hell on earth? That’s up to you!

A Room Of Rainbows - Tate Modern

Photograph of Olafur Eliasson's artwork Beauty, 1993

Artist Olafur Eliasson brings his latest piece to the tate Modern this summer. You might remember the giant sun illusion he installed in the turbine hall in 2003 or the slabs of polar ice in 2018, but this time around he is bringing a retrospective of his work, including the mesmerizing rainbow illusion installation. Not to be missed! 

On Your Bike!

Regent's Park

If all the fun has left your wallet feeling a little light but you still want to go and make the most of the season, a scenic bike ride is a fun day out. If you don’t have your own bike then hire a Santander Bike from any local cycle bank and be on your way. If you’re feeling adventurous you can find a list of the 9 best bike rides around London here.

River Stage

River Stage

The National Theatre brings a summer of free outdoor performances to the popular Southbank this year, with five weekends of events curated by a selection of different cultural hubs. Hoxton-based drag club, The Glory, are amongst the curators promising a plethora of captivating shows. More info here.

Kiss My Genders

An exploration of gender identity, this exhibition includes work from over 30 artists and over 100 artworks. Described as “a trailblazing show” by The Telegraph, it is set to be a truly important summer visit! Tickets and info here.

Summer By The River

This summer the stretch of the south bank between London Bridge and Tower Bridge is being taken over with fun events including an open-air production of Shakespeare, film screenings and riverside bars. Tickets are free and you can get them here.

Summer by the River

AI: More Than Human 

Take a futuristic look at the world around us with the Barbicans' newest exhibition. From robots to automation and interactive installations this sprawling show is set to be a mind-blowing experience. Find tickets here

If you're as excited for summer as we are then head over to the blog where you can also check out our guide to living your best life in summer and our guide to festival dressing. Or if you're excitedly planning your summer events already then head over to our site to shop our vintage festival clothing and holiday shop edits.

It's Plastic Free July! Here's How To Ditch Plastic.

It's Plastic Free July! Here's How To Ditch Plastic.

We don’t have to tell you that we’re facing environmental doom, everyone and their auntie will be sharing articles about it on your timelines; but what you might not know is that its Plastic Free July!

A campaign led by the Plastic Free Foundation, the point is to get millions of people around the globe to refuse single-use plastics for a whole month, with the hopes of seeing a future without plastic waste. 

A WHOLE month? Without plastic? Sounds impossible! But with more and more businesses from cafes to healthcare stores stocking products in alternative packaging it has gotten significantly easier to break unsustainable habits. 

We’re all about finding ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment, from our reworked vintage line or our collaborations with No Planet B, so we’ve compiled a handy list of no-fuss ways to ditch the plastic and fully embrace Plastic Free July. 

10 Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste

1. Straws

Okay, let’s start with the basics. It’s become more common for bars, pubs and restaurants to no longer offer plastic straws, which is great! It can be tempting to take one if they are available but just remember that picture of the turtle and stay strong.



2. Carry A Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles come in so many styles, with so many fancy designs there’s no reason to not have one. Invest in a sturdy metal bottle that will keep your drinks cold or alternatively any cheap, refillable one will do. Go forth and hydrate smugly as you do your bit to fight pollution.

3. Shop at local grocers/don’t bag your fruit and veg

Whether you’re lucky enough to live near a nice greengrocers or only have the big high-street chains there are ways to reduce waste in your weekly shop. If you can shop locally-sourced produce that comes without packaging, that’s amazing, but if you can’t, then you can still make swaps- for example if you can get broccoli that is un-packaged choose that over the ones wrapped in plastic. Of course don’t forget to bring your canvas bags and reusable shopping bags with you too! 


4. Switch out meat for vegetarian or vegan options

Whilst the carbon footprint of the commercial agriculture industry is one huge problem in climate change, the plastic used in packing these meats is another big issue. For some, cutting it out altogether might seem impossible but if you can make swaps to vegetable-based diets even once or twice a week you will immediately cut down your waste production. Remember, it’s about the small, daily actions that can help make a big impact.

5. Switch from face-wipes to reusable makeup removers or face cloth

Not only do face-wipes come in plastic packaging but they are not biodegradable and often contain plastic fibres such as polyester. Reduce your spending and your environmental impact by investing in some reusable cleansing pads or simply using a good face-wash with a face-cloth. Don’t forget to also steer clear of scrubs that contain microplastics and go into the ocean.

6. Invest in a good lunchbox 

In the same way water bottles have had a makeover in the last couple of years, so have lunch boxes. Find the right kind of box to fit the kinds of foods you like bringing to work and know that you’re also saving money on those pesky, plastic-heavy meal deals. 

DIY back to school idea for kids and adults. Make a canvas lunch bag for back to school. Click through for the tutorial. #backtoschool #diybacktoschool #lunchbag #diylunchbag #diylunchbox #backtoschoolproject #kidsproject #diykidsproject

7. Invest in and carry a metal straw and cutlery set to carry with you

It’s crazy to think about the amount of throwaway plastic involved in daily routines such as breakfast and lunch. With everyone leading busier lives than ever, bad habits tend to form around the ease and availability of plastic. Cut-out the temptation by getting a portable set of straws and cutlery to keep in your bag. Opt for a long-lasting metal set or a cheaper reusable plastic option, that way even if you do treat yourself to a meal deal you can still refuse the plastic fork you’d normally pick up.

 K A P P I  ~ AUS Eco Store on Instagram: “The perfect addition to your everyday zero-waste tool kit ~ Our Grab and Go set includes bamboo cutlery, one bent and one straight straw +…”


8. Kick your fizzy-drink habit

A mid-afternoon fizzy pick-me-up might be a normal part of your routine but the daily cans and bottles of drink can add up to a mountain of waste every week. If cutting it out altogether is too hard then try setting yourself a goal to not have more than 2 or 3 a week.

9. Make coffee at home/work

A morning coffee is, for many, the perfect way to start your day, but that quick fix on the way to work is doing a lot of harm. Instead of making a coffee stop in the morning, take 5 mins extra in bed, save a ton of money and make it when you get to work. 

What holds 12 ounces and can be used at your local coffee shop for a plastic cup alternative? MASON JARS BABY!!! Put together this cup with a metal straw I bought a while ago and the top was from a friend who had some extras. Used it three times with no problems or strange looks ;) Thinking about getting a silicone sleeve to make my mom stop worrying that I’ll break it


10. Get a plastic free buddy

Like with achieving all goals, it is often much easier to have someone doing it with you to cheer you on and keep you strong. Round-up your friends, colleagues or family, start a WhatsApp group and see who can go the longest before using something single-use! A fun way to make a big change!

These easy steps are all small, everyday things but if everyone tried to do at least 5 we could reduce our impact significantly. If you want some more handy tips on reducing your waste check out the Plastic Free July website where you can find loads of helpful resources, like this action plan maker.

You can also read our blogs on how to make 2019 your most sustainable summer yet and our easy-read guide to how we need to fix the fashion industry’s consumption and pollution.

Words by Eloise Gendry

Your 2019 Festival Season Style Guide

Your 2019 Festival Season Style Guide

As we arrive in festival season, start donning our wellies and prepare to smell VERY bad for four days straight, the eternal question arises - “What do I wear?!” When it comes to festival dressing, the skill is in finding the right balance between stylish and practical - no one will care how fancy or extravagant your look is when you’re in a mosh pit. We’ve put together all the best celebrity festival style and some essential items for you all in one handy list, we’re nice like that! So worry no more about what to pack and just focus on how you’re going to get through the weekend on four hours of sleep.


Celebrity Festival Style Inspiration

Classic Camo

Loose, light layers are the key to festival dressing. Whilst weather reports can never be trusted, a trusty vintage camouflage jacket can be. Layer over a sporty hoodie, cut-off denim shorts and some black fishnets for the ultimate grungy look. This look works perfectly with a pair of vintage Doc Martens, or a sturdy pair of wellies



Girly Glam 

Queen of festival dressing, Alexa Chung, knows how to pull of the ultimate chic festival look. Grab your favourite vintage tea dress and a cropped denim jacket and you’re good to go. Finish the look with a pint in one hand and falafels in the other.


Boho Babe

Alia Shawkat shows you how to put together the best, laid-back festival look that works on and off the field and will see you through summer. Vintage patterned trousers, a lacy bardot top and a wide-brim boater - practical and stylish. A vintage hat such as a boater will keep the sun off your face and keep you cool whilst watching bands and soaking up the sun.


Wild Western Styling

This western-inspired look speaks to us on a spiritual level. A bubble-gum, pastel coloured skirt and vintage leather jacket is a perfect combination which perfectly balances practicality and style. A long, flowing dress or skirt will keep you cool (and is ideal for when those portaloo lines are just TOO long) whilst the jacket means you can keep partying into the evening without getting chilly. This look works with wellies, doc martens, or if you’re brave enough, Converse.


Denim Dungarees

An outfit you could easily wear for the whole festival and still remain as effortlessly stylish in - a trusty pair of vintage dungarees. Mix and match printed denim with a clashing vintage tee underneath, or stay cool by opting for a cotton crop top. You can embrace the western style and add a pair of cowboy boots or just opt for your most hard-wearing pair of wellies!


Gothic Glamper

Follow after Florence Welch’s lead and find the flounciest, lacy gown you can and pair them with a simple pair of vintage boots for a simple but effective look. We suggest a vintage white number but brave yourself for the mud! A maxi dress is one of our ultimate summer must-haves as there’s very few occasions where it wouldn’t work.


Plaid Perfect

A playsuit is one of our favourite summer go-tos especially for those days when you just can’t be bothered; which is why a patterned vintage playsuit is the ultimate day-three-of-a-festival piece. Add a denim jacket or tie a sweater around your waist for the inevitable grey moments and finish with some giant sunglasses and a splatter of eco glitter to cover up those dark circles and a multitude of sins.


Grunge Goddess

If you were on Tumblr between 2007 and 2010 (if you weren't then you missed out) Alice Glass is almost certainly one of your first style icons and tbh she has good festival style. No fuss, just a classic vintage band tee and a denim skirt, goes well with a denim vest and last-nights smudged eyeliner. Low-key, laid-back, ts punk.


Wild Thing

At Beyond Retro we absolutely L O V E a bit of animal print, so of course we think this Pixie Geldof Glastonbury look is to-die-for. A loose-fitting printed dress will give you plenty of room to move and groove your way through the festival, whilst a vintage scarf is the perfect accessory for covering up a greasy mop. Edgy sunglasses are essential, as is a vintage black denim jacket.


2019 Festival Must-Haves

A Camouflage Jacket

Super versatile and perfect for every kind of festival, you can't go wrong in camo.

Camouflage Military Jacket


A Bucket Hat

Stay dry and stay cool with a practical and super cute bucket hat.

Pink & Blue Tie Dye Bucket Hat

Fancy Dress

It doesn't hurt to pack a little something extra in your bag for when the mood takes you and you want to fully embrace the festival spirit.

Aqua Blue Bob Wig

BIG sunglasses

Cover up the signs of no sleep with a chic, statement pair of sunnies.

Orange Aviator Sunglasses With Orange Lenses


Eco Glitter

Every one loves to add a little sparkle to their festival look but make sure you're doing it in a sustainable way! This Eco Glitter biodegrades so won't pollute the water when you wash it off.

Candyfloss Biodegradable Blue & Pink Glitter Pot


A Versatile Sweatshirt

Perfect for chilly evenings and for making sure you don't get caught out in the changeable weather, a vintage sweatshirt will take you through the day and through the whole summer - layer over dresses, with floral skirts, denim shorts or dungarees. There's a million ways to wear it.

Aloha State Hawaii Printed Souvenir Sweatshirt


Denim Dungarees

The perfect summer wardrobe piece to throw on in the morning and take you dancing through the day and well into the small hours. Whether you where yours over a crop top, a sequin bandeau or a printed tee shirt it'll work for you. Make sure to check out our long and short versions as well as our selection of reworked vintage dungarees.

Tapered Dungarees


If you’re in the festival spirit then check out our blog on our top 10 best British festival moments and why we don’t care about Coachella. Alternatively head over to our curated festival edits for all your summer wardrobe essentials.

Top 10 Disney Fashion Moments

Top 10 Disney Fashion Moments

Mickey, Donald, Minnie, we can’t be the only ones who still have a soft spot for our childhood favourites? Whenever we find a box of vintage sweatshirts or dungarees, we always have our fingers crossed that we’ll pull out some super cute Disney emblazoned pieces.

A cartoon sweat is the perfect addition to any 90s inspired outfit. So it’s time to dig out your baby pics and recreate those incredible outfits. We’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of Disney clothing, the whole of the fashion industry seems to be totally obsessed! So check out our top Disney fashion moments...

Top 10 Disney Fashion Moments

1. Comme Des Garcons X Minnie Mouse

Designer Rei Kawakubo’s found a muse in Minnie Mouse for the CDG 2008 fall/winter collection and we have to say this fascinator alone is completely adorable!


2. Supreme X Mickey Mouse

What happens when you cross a streetwear Goliath with the biggest cartoon character in the world? Well, you get Supreme’s 2009 collaboration collection. Mickey took over classic styles like tees and hoodies, which sent fans into meltdown.


3. Annie Leibovitz Reimagines Scarlet Johansson As Cinderella

Known for her ethereal and otherworldly photography style, Annie Leibovitz created this enchanting imagery with superstar Johansson as Cinderella. She nailed the fairytale glamour.


4. Carine Roitfeld In Givenchy

The Met Gala is always a place to find the most diverse array of styles and in 2013 fashion royalty Carine showed her love for Disney. This Givenchy Bambi number is really cute, but in a totally goth way.


5. Zendaya As Cinderella

Another Met Gala look that blew us away from 2019, former Disney star Zendaya arrived looking regal in a dress that can only be described as Cinderella realness. Don’t forget you can see ALL of our favourite campy looks from this years' Met Gala here.


6. Disney X Opening Ceremony

Not only is this particularly adorable, but founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim went all out for the Disney theme by taking over Disneylan’s ToonTown to stage the show. Avante-garde meets adorable AF, we love it!


7. Levi's X Mickey Mouse

When two icons collide you know it’s going to be good. Disney denim, what’s not to love?



8. Lindsay Lohan Becomes The Princesses

Disney provides us with a whole lot of Halloween costume inspiration, but Lindsay Lohan really went all out for her Cover shoot for Paper magazine in 2018. Along with Cinderella and Ariel, they recreated Snow White and Aurora’s iconic looks with a modern fashion spin.


9. Vogue Japan 2014

This super fun and quirky shoot is peak Disney. Over-the-top and a little cheeky this is the perfect cartoon editorial.

10. British Vogue 1991

The ultimate vintage Disney fashion throwback, this shoot from the early nineties is camp and cute in equal measures. Now where can we find a Daffy Duck cap?


Our Top Vintage Disney Picks


If you've caught the Disney fashion bug then head into store or check out our website to shop classic vintage Disney pieces and our own Reworked Vintage Disney. If you want get some more inspo then you can read up on our favourite camp fashion icons or get some 90s dungaree styling inspiration here.


Words By Eloise Gendry

An Interview With Nawel From Good Girl Gang

An Interview With Nawel From Good Girl Gang

Ahead of our upcoming event in collaboration with XXY Magazine and Good Girl Gang at our Cheshire Street store we spoke to Nawel from Good Girl Gang to discuss all things DIY, sustainability and feminism.

Good Girl Gang started in 2016 as “a means to create clothing for the underrepresented,” and you can see this reflected in every design the sell. Hand drawn and hand printed using handmade silk screens they create unique designs that celebrate a range of different marginalised people by putting them at the centre of all their beautiful designs… these are no means your average high-street graphic tees with faux-asian writing and cringe-worthy slogans. *eye roll*. Just when you think their t-shirts couldn’t get any better, they’re also printed on organic cotton for a more sustainable approach to fashion. Their website describes the collection as “a love letter to feminism and all things girl power” and we’d have to agree with that.


Tahmina Begum from XXY Magazine models a GGG t-shirt


Where did the idea to start Good Girl Gang come from?

It all started after leaving an unfulfilling art foundation course, looking for a way to not only continue my artistic interests but build something in which me and my cousin could feel represented, hence the birth of our first t shirt, ‘brown girl power’! We hadn’t really come across clothing in the market for women of colour to really resonate with, so decided to create a small collection of tees like ‘melanin blessed’, ‘not your babe’ & ‘not exotic’, which were received with amazing support and love!!!



GGG tees are beautiful and humorous, seeming to represent both the women who make them and those who wear them. Where do you get the inspiration from for your designs?

I find inspiration is present everywhere I look! I usually don’t find it in one specific place, but through music, films or even tense family debates. Conversing with people about a wide range of discussions, can really cultivate ideas for what to put on a t-shirt next. Random things like talking about why brown guys are excused from house work while the girls seem to be the ones cleaning up after everyone with my grandma, usually is inspiration enough!



Do you find screen-printing to be a mindful, calming process for you where you can channel anger or emotions through or is it strictly work?

I 100% find it an extremely therapeutic process. As I am self taught, I do run into majorly infuriating issues that can only be resolved through trial and error which can be a bit debilitating and get me feeling furious but it’s nice to know I can learn from my mistakes and become not only a better screen printer, but work on myself in the process, turning seemingly unresolvable problems into calming solutions.



How do you incorporate mindfulness and self-care into your daily routine?

I tend to resort to music & films when practicing self care. Seeing what people are currently creating can be really inspiring for me and aid me in being motivated with my own work. Also tending to indulge in some alone time, be it going on an evening walk or a trip to the cinema, it’s nice to reserve some time for yourself.



We’re really excited for the event on the 13th, what can we expect from your screen-printing workshop and in what ways do you think it would be a good way for someone to get involved in mindfulness if they haven’t before?

It’s going to be a super fun day and I’m so excited to take part! I’ll be running a little printing station where you can make your own prints to take home and also just learn a lil something new! It’s going to a very calm night, full of lots of love and great people, a wholesome way to end the day!



We love to support boss-ass babes disrupting the industry with new approaches, so we are excited to have Good Girl Gang at our Mindfulness evening on the 13th June. We’ll have screen-printing workshops as well as zine-making and a feminist book swap, for a wholesome evening of self-care, self-love and celebration. If you haven’t already check out XXY Mag and Good Girl Gang on Instagram and be sure to get your tickets to the event here.

Words by Eloise Gendry


The Beyond Retro Guide To... Nike

The Beyond Retro Guide To... Nike

Imagine a world without Nike. It seems impossible, right? Nike is undoubtedly one of the most iconic brands, not just in sports, but in the WORLD. From it’s instantly recognisable logo to its iconic adverts, Nike is inimitable (even if some brands do try.) From Vintage Nike sweatshirts to vintage Nike Jackets, with such a rich history to mine for inspiration, here is our Ultimate Guide to Nike.

The History of Nike - 1962

The brand we all know and love as Nike, was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports and started in 1962. With only $1,200 in the bank, track and field coach at the University of Oregon - Bill Bowerman - started the brand which opened its first store in 1966, where they launched the Nike brand shoe in 1972.

After the stellar success of the trainer brand, Blue Ribbon Sports changed its name to Nike in 1978. The brand was named after the Greek goddess of Victory - it’s for this reason that it is pronounced ‘NY-KEE’, not ‘NYK’. (It's NY-KEE, ok? Got it?)

Blue Ribbon Sports, Oregon

The now iconic swoosh logo was originally designed by a Penn State student as part of a competition, for which she won $35. The student was later given shares in the company after it’s huge success. (Not too shabby). Since its humble beginnings, the company has grown exponentially and continued to dominate in all areas of the industry whilst always being on the forefront of innovation.

Carolyn Davidson | Design



When Was The First Nike Trainer Created? - 1972

Much to Bill Bowerman’s wife's’ dismay, the first Nike trainer was developed by pouring rubber into a household waffle iron. The texture was used to create a new kind of trainer sole that hadn’t been seen before. In 1972 the first prototype of the Waffle Racer trainer was developed.

It would go on to be nicknamed the ‘Moon Shoe’ and featured the Nike swoosh. In 1972 a cult classic the Cortez was also released, this was a huge development for the brand and was worn in both the Olympics in Mexico and by Tom Hanks in the iconic movie Forrest Gump. (Run Forrest, Run!)


When Was The Nike Sweatshirt released? - 1980

The original sweatshirt was invented by Benjamin Russell Jr., a football player in 1926. It began with the new idea for an all-cotton practice football jersey. The first Nike clothing came out in the 80s, meaning there are now loads of amazing vintage Nike sweatshirts to be found!

When Was The Nike Blazer Released? - 1973

In 1973 Nike launched a classic silhouette and started their decades long association with basketball, with the Nike Blazer. The ‘Iceman’, NBA player George Gervin, wore them (and looked pretty amazing), and their popularity began to rise and rise.


When Was The First Trainer With Air Pockets Made? - 1978

The first shoe with air pockets in its outer sole is developed and put out to market. This is a revolutionary step in the development of sports shoes.

Image result for vintage nike tailwind 78

The Nike Air Force 1 Is Created - 1982

All Nike trainers are iconic, but then there's the Air Force 1. Words cannot describe how big this shoe became, so we won’t try, just take in their beauty;

Image result for nike air force 1

The simplicity, the versatility, the beauty.

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, that brand’s up to something - 1984

The first of the most coveted lines of trainers in the world is created. The Air Jordan 1 is designed for Michael Jordan and the infamous Jumpman logo is created. Referenced by everyone from Drake to Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Kanye, Michael Jordan and his Jumpman sneaker is a pivotal cultural reference within the world of hip hop and R’n’B.

Image result for michael jordan nike

This trainer was more than just the start of one of the most lucrative brand endorsements the world has ever seen, but also the centre of a controversy. It ended with Jordan paying a LOT of money to the NBA anytime he wore them on the court as they violated the ‘uniformity’ rule. Even though Jordan hasn’t played basketball professionally since 2003 it is reported he still makes $60m a year in Nike royalties. #Blessed.

Image result for michael jordan nike


The Iconic Air Max Are Born - 1987

Shoes and clothes can be a way to integrate within certain social groups or style tribes, the Air Max, however, transcends all of these groups. They've gone through many different stages of popularity, but are now firmly THE universal fashion trainer.

With brands such as Off-White bringing out their own Nike Air Max 97’s this trainer silhouette is as dynamic as the company it’s made by.

Image result for kiss my airs

Let’s Do It - 1988

The Nike Slogan Just Do It has a somewhat morbid backstory which might change the way you see their next advert. Serial killer Gary Gilmore was killed by firing squad for his crimes after uttering his last words of ‘let’s do it’. The slogan was inspired by this and now lives on as one of the best pieces of marketing ever seen.

Oregon Opening - 1990

It's strange to think that until 1990 Nike didn’t have any of its own retail stores, but until they opened in downtown Portland this was the case. Nike stores such as ‘Nike Town’ in London’s Oxford Circus are infamous for their tech-led customer experiences and for being on the forefront of shaping consumer mindsets.

Nike Town - 1999

The largest Nike store in the world opens in London. It's still pretty mega.

Image result for niketown london

Image result for niketown london

SB - 2002

Nike decides to get in on the action of the growing market of skateboarding apparel after it’s rise in popularity in the late 90s. (Thanks The Offspring & Blink 182). 

Conquering Converse - 2003

Nike buys Converse for a whopping $309 million. The classic Chuck Taylor trainer becomes a huge money maker for Nike and Converse go on to produce massive cultural events such as the One Star Hotel in London to launch the Converse One Star trainer.

Image result for one star hotel converse

Image result for one star hotel converse

Tycoons takeover - 2006

In 2006 Nike partner with Apple to launch Nike+ technology, a new beginning for technical sports developments.

Back To The Future - 2015

Nike developed a limited range of shoes inspired by the self-lacing boots in the 1989 film Back To The Future Part 2. They were auctioned off for charity.

Related image

Nothing Beats a LNDNR - 2018

In one of the most viral videos of the year, Nike creates an iconic piece of culture featuring some of the biggest names in sports, music, and TV. With music produced by Tone P and Mark Ronson, the 3-minute video features a range of British icons such as Skepta, Giggs, Jorja Smith, Michael Dappah, Harry Kane, Gareth Southgate and Mo Farrah.

Image result for nothing beats a londoner nike

The star-studded cast pokes fun at London stereotypes and in-jokes, “Peckham? What’s Wrong with Peckham?” in an uplifting piece sound-tracked by some of the biggest London grime artists.

Celebrity Endorsement

Worn the world over, Nike is a juggernaut in the streetwear and sports apparel game. Famous for their celebrity collaborations and endorsements, throughout the years the brand has perfectly captured zeitgeists by casting some of the biggest names in pop culture as faces for their campaigns.

Serena Williams Urges Women To "Dream Crazier" In Empowering New Nike Advert

Serena Williams was at the centre of some controversy for her Nike all-in-one. She went on to be featured in Nike's latest 'Dream Crazier' advert.

Bella Hadid ♥

Bella Hadid in Nike

Colin Kaepernick for Nike.

Colin Kapernick was shunned by many football fans after he took a knee during the national anthem to protest racism and police brutality in the states.

Hailey Baldwin in her Adidas collaboration collection

Michael Jordan Teams Up With Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon (1988)

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee for Nike in 1988

Not Just The Trainers

Of course the iconic shoe silhouettes will always be Nike's biggest export, however, they are also known for their sports clothing. Vintage Nike pieces make excellent wardrobe staples to see you through every season. A versatile vintage Nike jacket is one piece that you shouldn't be without. Take a look at some of our favourite styling inspiration:

 VSCO - teenager-republish - Images

Trendy Winter Tops | Fall Winter Women'S Clothing | Winter Casual Wear For Ladies 20190119

White jacket and pants for a walk in town | Inspiring Ladies


Modern Dress For Teenage Girl | Fashion Ideas For Teenage Girl | Stylish Dresses For Young Girls 20190403


 Feeling inspired you can shop all of our vintage Nike pieces here. Or if you want more brand history, you can read about how Levi's began here.


Vintage Nike Jackets | Vintage Nike T-Shirts | Vintage Nike Sweatshirts

Vintage Nike Track Pants | Vintage Nike Swimwear


Words By Eloise Gendry


Rocketman - The History of The Style Icon Elton John

Rocketman - The History of The Style Icon Elton John

After the hype around Bohemian Rhapsody it’s no surprise that an Elton John biopic has been announced. One of the most iconic figures in British music, Sir Elton John has inspired generations after him with both his music and his style. His stage outfits are instantly recognisable in the same way that his voice could not be confused for anyone but him.

So before we see Taron Egerton portray the living legend in Rocketman lets take a look at Elton John’s most iconic fashion moments.

Top 10 Elton John Looks

1973 - Winged Wonder

A truly iconic outfit, this all white, angelic get-up is an ethereal look. The oversized sunglasses are the perfect accessory to top it off - definitely inspiration from for the festival season.

1974 - Definitely Not Mellow Yellow

This in-your-face yellow stage outfit is exactly what you think of when you think of Elton; tight spandex, a plunging v-neck and massive white feather sleeves. YAS.

1975 - Home Run

This crystal covered costume made Elton’s performance at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles a memorable one. Harry Styles was even inspired to recreate this look for Halloween 2018, down to the tinted-lens square sunglasses.


1980 - Totally Quackers

Not one to shy away from wacky looks, Elton performed in Central Park, NYC in an inflatable Donald Duck outfit. Genius.


1984 - Shining Star

Elton John has always existed outside the realm of gender norms and in this bedazzled gown he makes a statement. The custom headpiece is also a show stealer.


1986- Shocking Pink

You would think the focus point of this outfit would be the bedazzled silver jacket, alas, it is the bright pink mohawk that our eyes are immediately drawn to.


1988 - Man Of Many Costumes

Dressed down in a simple black polo, Elton stands with a selection of his stage costumes showing the transformation that takes place in the dressing room.


1992 - Versace, Versace, Versace

At a Versace store opening in London in 1992, Elton poses with Donatella Versace in his iconic round sunglasses that became an integral part of his looks.


1997 - Never Outdone

For his 50th birthday party Elton John arrived dressed as an 18th century aristocrat. The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven, as they say; this hair is practically in the clouds.


Totally Gaga

His influence is boundless and of course the queen of outlandish stage costumes has taken a note or too from Elton John’s costume playbook.

Get The Look

Feeling inspired? We don't blame you. If you're read to upgrade your wardrobe and try something a little more flamboyant then look no further- here's our top Elton John inspired picks.


Gold Converse- £26.95

Red Patent Baker Boy- £18.00

Yellow Lens Round Sunglasses- £10.00

Long Sleeved Metallic Rainbow Shirt- £22.00

Floral Cropped Blazer- £25.00

Leather Platform Boots- £46.00

Diamante Resin Hoop Earrings- £10.00


If you can't get enough of the Elton John inspiration then head over to Pinterest. You can follow Beyond Retro and see our Rocketman inspired board where you can get inspired by his best looks and a curation of Elton-inspired vintage pieces from our website.

Words Eloise Gendry
Camp Fashion- Met Gala 2019 Roundup & Our Favourite Camp Looks from History

Camp Fashion- Met Gala 2019 Roundup & Our Favourite Camp Looks from History

Trends come and go but without fail, the first Monday in May is always one of the most fashionable days of the year. The most extravagant looks, celebrity gossip and endless memes, The Met Gala never fails to give us it all and this year was no different. This years theme and exhibition takes its name from the Susan Sontag essay titled Notes on ‘Camp’ and was co-hosted by Harry Styles.

Unlike previous themes, ‘camp’ is wide-open to a plethora of interpretations but the majority of the celebrities took to the red carpet in their most extravagant, feathery, glittery gowns; maybe the most obvious interpretation but we are HERE. FOR. IT. regardless. You may like minimalist fashion, have a simple-scandi aesthetic and have an aversion to any colour that isn’t black or white, but it is undeniable that the most OTT looks and outrageous gowns tend to be the ones that we remember. Camp sensibilities influence designers every season and can be seen in contemporary collections by everyone from Molly Goddard to Jeremy Scott for Moschino.

Here are our favourite looks from last night and our top camp fashion moments from history.

Met 2019
Celine Dion in Oscar De La Renta
Celine Dion in Oscar De La Renta
A living legend and no stranger to camp sensibilities.
Lady Gaga in Brandon MaxwellLady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell
Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell
Not one to be upstaged Gaga turned out not one but four different red carpet looks... of course.
Laverne Cox in Christian Siriano
Laverne Cox in Christian Siriano
Charli XCX in Jean Paul Gaultier
Charli XCX in Jean Paul Gaultier

Ryan Murphy in Chrisitan Siriano
Ryan Murphy in Chrisitan Siriano
Liberace who?
Hari Nef in Gucci
Hari Nef in Gucci 
Dev Hynes in Gucci

Dev Hynes in Gucci
An actual angel from heaven here on earth, in Gucci, obviously. 
Elizabeth Debicki in Salvatore Farragamo

Elizabeth Debicki in Salvatore Farragamo 
Tracee Ellis Ross in Moschino

Tracee Ellis Ross in Moschino
A true camp queen.
Naomi Campbell in Valentino

Naomi Campbell in Valentino

Lupita Nyong’o in Versace
Lupita Nyong’o in Versace

Cardi B in Thom Browne
Cardi B in Thom Browne
Cardi did not come to play, she fully embraced the over-the-top theme.

Michael Urie in Christian Siriano
Michael Urie in Christian Siriano

Michael Urie in Christian Siriano
Ezra Miller in Burberry
Give the makeup artist a round of applause. 

Lizzo in Marc Jacobs
Lizzo in Marc Jacobs
She's definitely got the juice. 

Lena Waithe & Kerby Jean-Raymond
As per her Instagram caption Lena 'came to slay' and remind us that black drag queens invented camp.


Masters of Camp Through History

Of course, our Met invite was lost in the post but had we attended these are the masters of camp that we would have taken inspiration from.

 Ru Paul


Lil Kim

Lil Kim

Meadham Kirchhoff

Meadham Kirchhoff SS13 (and everything else in their back catalogue)




Anna Nicole Smith 

Well that's it for this year's Met Gala all there is to do now is watch the memes roll in and wait for next years theme to be announced.


Words by Eloise Gendry