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Tag Archives: 1970s

  • Isle of Wight Festival

    Originally beginning as a counterculture event in the late 1960s - and a British alternative to the mighty Woodstock - The Isle of Wight Festival remains a festival with a history like no other. This weekend The Isle of Wight Festival kick-starts the UK's summer of festivals and frolicking in the fields ... and we can’t wait! Let's take a hazy daisy look back at one of the original hippy festivals.  
    Image Source: Wikipedia.org
    IOW-Festival-small-783x1024 Image Source: Rarerecordcollector.com

    Having Jimi Hendrix, The Who and The Doors headline the 5 day festival in the early years, over 600,000 people attended (mostly without a ticket!) With a mass turn-out to see acts perform on a stage constructed from two trailers, the Isle of White Act was then passed by Parliament to restrict the number of people attending future festivals ... and so the festival disappeared until its dramatic return in 2002 thanks to music promoter John Giddings. Did you know that the tiny island's population increases by a whopping 40% for the few days the festival is on each year?

    In recent years The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Jay Z and The Strokes have all headlined the main stage, although nothing really compares to that August weekend in 1970 where the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and The Who filled the line-up (how cool is the poster?!). This year, Blur, Fleetwood Mac, The Black Keys and The Prodigy are taking to the main-stage making the Isle of Wight Festival the best of the fests.

    Shop our festival section here for guys, here for girls. Check out some amazing pieces!


    Words by: Ellie Burns

  • Prom Style Through The Decades

    Prom season is upon us! No longer reserved for prom queens and cheerleaders, this American fan-fair is returning to retro with unique pieces that will add authentic personality to your ball.  Proms of days gone by consisted of just a dance floor, a room for socialising and tea (yes!) but a growing youth-culture soon brought awkward dates and plenty of punch. Looking for your party perfect dress? We've done all the research so you don't have to! 

    We have curated a selection of statement making dresses selected from 50 years of fashion ensuring you find a one-off piece. Think Sixties swing, frothy taffeta, pretty pleats and everything in-between. With so many eras to choose from, whether you’re after a glamorous, classic or simple look, we've got the run-down of all the styles throughout the decades.

    Shop Prom for party perfect vintage pieces from the 60s right through to the 90s!

    Model: Ellie, Rose & Vintage
    Women-in-the-1920s-Flat-Rock-Org Image Source: Smithsonian

    1920’s and 1930's: 

    Prom dates back to the 1800s but soon American youth culture relished in more freedom! Prom-goers enjoyed yearly class banquets complete with party clobber and the dance moves to match. Drop-waist silhouettes combined with feathered fascinators, lots sequins and the invention of the car meant 1920’s proms were full of sophistication and glamour. Hand us all the pearls. Oh so very flapper.

    FS prom22541950s Image Source: Weston History


    The 1950’s brought elaborate affairs, it was the height of elegance with floor length dresses and fitted waists. Decorative neck-lines and a simple pair of heels worn by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Hayworth showed us how it’s worn best.

    1960s3 Image Source: Vintage to Vogue Bath

    1960’s and 1970's:

    The 60’s and 70’s saw a fall in Prom night popularity as a youthquake culture redefined rebellion and rallies took center stage. Outrageous actions leads to outrageous fashion. Bright colours paired with heavy eyeliner and a beehive, the swinging 60’s is the way to go. Or keep it natural with minimal make up, loose tresses and longer hemlines for a touch of Seventies fever - sometimes less is more.

    pretty-in-pink-prom Image Source: The Indiependent


    Prom culture came back with a bang! Full of sequins, puffy dresses and worn with only the highest of high heels, if you’re going to dress up it might as well be done properly!

    SHOP PROM beyond retro

    Shop Prom for party perfect vintage pieces from the 60s right through to the 90s!

    Don't forget we're also hosting an amazing competition with Company if you fancy winning the best day out to prepare for your prom (featuring yummy breakfast and a complete outfit kitted out by Beyond Retro....). Check it out.

    Words by Ellie Burns
  • Inherent Vice

    Want a piece of Cali beach life circa 1970? Yes please. Inherent Vice, based on the book by Thomas Pynchon, navigates the hazy world of psychedelic surfers, stoners and cops living in Los Angeles. It’s a slapstick comedy and heady adventure directed by Paul Anderson which sees Larry “Doc” try to solve a series of episodic mysteries to a soundtrack of CAN and Neil Young. Regardless of the plot, we want some of that wardrobe action. It makes for one understated yet intoxicating dose of nostalgia.

    Anderson takes you on a trip into the paranoid 1970s and a time where Doc is caught between two worlds. It was the era of Nixon, black power and ultimately, a moment of flux after the disintegration of many large counter-culture ideals.

    Snag yourself the look- Shop 1970s

    11-14_BeyondRetroShoot_Outfit3-141 Photography by Hannah Jetschmann from TheJetCaptures.com

    Now, Doc is the private eye hero of the movie. He’s no style maven but he sure can rock that dishevelled hair and thick sideburns. Master costume designer, Mark Bridges encompassed Doc’s freewheeling existence with 60s trousers, hats, army jackets, sandals and dirty feet. At one turning point though, he features a buttoned-up bell-bottom suit and… a wig. It was totally a must-have for a hippie on the hunt for a job.

    011615vice2 http://www.fashionone.com/news/2015/01/16/inherent-vice-changing-world/

    The worldly wise Shasta is a bohemian beauty. Though there is the odd flashback to her wild gal days showing her gambling on the beach in a band-t and flower-power bikini bottoms. Plus that tic-tac orange dress. Need we say more.

    Words by Hannah Wilkinson

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