Beyond Retro Presents the Vintage Olympics

With the Olympics now only a matter of weeks away, we are thrilled to present our exclusive range of authentic souvenir sportswear. We've been collecting items from the early '70s to the '90s to help kick the summer of sport off in style and can't wait for you to see everything we've got in store! From £15 for vintage t-shirts up to £50 for classic Games memorabilia, there's loads to fall in love with, whether you're an aspiring sprinter or a style-conscious street walker. The Beyond Retro visual merchandising team will be transforming our stores into stadiums of recreational revelry over the coming weeks AND we'll have news of a very special Beyond Retro line to complement our summer of sport soon. We also did a little photo shoot to demonstrate just how into the Olympic spirit we're getting. You can see it below, or skip straight to our collection of retro sportswear here.