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  • Mayan Gold

    Posted on January 29 2009

    This amazing belt arrived in the shop the other day. I've been fascinated with its gold Mayan face! It's such a statement piece on its own but why not go all the way and embrace...
  • The Bowtie is Back!

    Posted on January 27 2009

    Images clockwise from top left: Facehunter, Glamcanyon, DirtyDirtyDancing,  and The Sartorialist Beyond Retro bowties £4 to £8 each
  • Bon Voyage!

    Posted on January 23 2009

    It would be great fun to be able to afford endless holidays around the world, and the holiday wardrobe to go with it, but for most of us (and me for sure) that's just not realis...
  • Nile green, pearl peach, and shell cream

    Posted on January 19 2009

    Personally I think a pair of lady gloves adds a touch of glamour on a night out, especially when they are a delicious vintage colour. Why not try a minty Nile green for day? or...
  • The Return of Puff Paint

    Posted on January 15 2009

    There is a certain amount of nostalgia involved in working in a vintage shop. What triggers that reaction in you depends on your age, and for three of us today the sight of thes...