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Our Culture

We believe the success of Beyond Retro is because of the following attributes that form a large part of the company culture.

Aesthetic Passion

The entire Beyond Retro experience reflects the importance of the “aesthetic” for our customers. We fill our customers' senses with exciting, edgy sights and sounds through our products and stores. It is cluttered and unconventional, theatrical and fun. Our commitment to and passion for aesthetics supports our customer’s desire for self-expression and individuality.

Mass Exclusivity and Choice

We provide our customers with high volumes of the best quality vintage products available. Our products are selected using sophisticated trend analysis so that we can bring thousands of on-trend products in a well-organized manner to meet the individual fashion needs and desires of our customers.


Beyond Retro employees reflect our brand each and every day. Their individual style, in-depth product knowledge and commitment to customer service helps shape and perpetuate our brand. Beyond Retro staff has always been a perfect, true and non-pretentious embodiment of the brand. They are style leaders rather than followers and their individuality is intrinsic to the stores. Our employees have a genuine love of vintage clothes and lifestyle. This extends well beyond the customer-facing team; from the stores to our warehouse team to our office, the company is filled with employees who are also artists, bloggers, designers, stylists or musicians, who bring their own understanding and knowledge of the product to the customers and the brand as a whole.

A sustainable and ethical alternative to fast fashion

In a world of throwaway fashion we provide our customers with on-trend items without the carbon foot print usually associated with fast fashion retailers. We are contributing to a greater movement towards a more circular, ethical and sustainable economy.

Constant Change

In order to meet the ever-changing styles and demands of our customers and reflect fashion trends, we are always replenishing our products to add depth and breadth to our offering.

Trend and Customer-Led

Beyond Retro sets trends through the knowledge and understanding of two main sources. First, we reflect the community of our customers. Secondly, we reflect current and upcoming fashion trends allowing our customers to blend on-trend items with a sense of personalized expression. We combine this knowledge to create a Beyond Retro interpretation of old and new trends to support our customer’s desire for individuality, belonging and lifestyle choice.


We offer a unique shopping and product experience. We provide our customers with distinctive, special products in a fun and pleasant atmosphere that allows them to hunt for and find exciting products that are out of the ordinary, creating curiosity and excitement.


The Beyond Retro shopping experience creates a sense of reminiscence and comfort for our customers. Like a walk down memory lane. The look and feel of our garments, the music and the store environment all exude this "sense of the familiar" that reminds them of why they love shopping with us. This familiar sense inspires high levels of devotion and a feeling that we are a "favourite" vintage shop. The shopping experience makes people feel part of something bigger than just the clothes! They feel part of a creative community that celebrates the individual.