Recycling of clothes.

And organs.

What is this?

We believe in recycling. Clothing, organs and everything in between.

We at Beyond Retro believe in recycling. That’s why we do what we do - sell vintage clothing. Our vision has always been to make the fashion industry more sustainable. In our stores we recycle everything from clothes, cardboard boxes to price tags.

Now we want to show that recycling can be much more. That it can not only bring life to old clothing, but also to the people who wear them.

The Organ Donor Price Tag is an initiative together with MOD - Mer organdonation. All of our price tags in our Stockholm stores will gradually be swapped out to new tags that double as Organ Donor Cards.

Showing the importance of recycling. That it can save lives.

How it works.


Tear off the Organ Donor Card from the price tag.


Fill it out.


Store it in your wallet (this way medics will know you’re a donor).


You’re now a valid organ donor. Thank you!

Why recycling = organ donation.

85% of the population in Sweden want to be organ donors. But only 15% actually takes the time to register. We believe that just as an old shirt can get a new life through recycling - a recycled organ can give a person a new life. That’s why we want to make it easier for people in Sweden to become organ donors. And the best way of doing this is using the price tag. Something that’s already attached to the clothing you buy, and that follows you home.