We’re back! And can't wait to see you. We want your shopping experience to be as enjoyable and safe as possible, please work with us :)

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As lockdown restrictions are mostly lifted here in the UK things are slowly coming back to normal. It feels great! However, we also have to concede that the virus is sadly still with us and with that knowledge temper our excitement with necessary caution.

Here is what we continue to do:

- Wearing face masks.

- Carried out risk assessments with our teams. 

- We still have established cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures

- Payments are still by card only.

- Regular staff testing.

Here is what you can do:

- We do ask if you can wear a face mask if possible. Let's continue to protect our amazing staff and each other.

- Avoid unnecessary handling of merchandise.

- Avoid shopping in groups where possible.

- Sanitise your hands

Please see more info in our FAQs below, and please speak to our customer care team if you have any concerns. You can contact them on 02077299001 or email them at [email protected]. Our team on the shop floor will also be happy to help in any way they can!

Q: Am I able to try things on?

A: Yes! Our changing rooms are open so you can try things on


Q: Can I bring items back if they don't fit? 

A: You can exchange these within 30 days if you have proof of purchase and the swing tags are on. 

Q: These are second hand, can I catch Covid-19 from the clothes from previous owners?

A: All the clothes are in boxes for at least 6 weeks before they arrive, so they are effectively quarantined. 

Q: Can I try on footwear?

A: Please wear socks if trying on our footwear. If you don’t have any, our team can provide you with popsocks.

Q: What are your payment options?

A: We will still only be accepting card for the foreseeable future.

Q: Is wearing a mask mandatory in the store?

A: Our team will all be wearing masks where they can to keep the store environment as safe as possible. Masks for customers are not mandatory, though if possible we do encourage you to wear one as it helps minimise the spread and help protect our team and customers.

Q: Can I use a basket?

A: Yes, and once you are finished with it please leave at the till to be sanitised before putting back onto the shopfloor for the next customer.

Q: Are pets allowed in store?

A: No pets are allowed inside for the time being. Please leave your furry friends tied up outside. This does not apply to personal assistance animals!

Q: Can I shop with my friends?

A: Of course! But please be mindful of others and try to keep to groups of 2-3. 

Q: Why is there a capacity of customers?

A: We have assessed each store in terms of size and space to ensure that we limit the number of people in at any one time so people can safely social distance. If we have reached capacity, there will be a simple queuing system outside the store.

Q: Do I have to sanitise my hands?

A: We recommend you sanitise your hands when you come into the store. If you don’t have any hand sanitiser, feel free to ask our wonderful staff who will be able to provide you with some.