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Most Iconic 90s Fashion Moments

Posted on July 09 2019

90s inspired fashion has been having it's inevitable resurgence in the last decade. Platform boots, tiny crop tops and spaghetti straps are everywhere, and as vintage lovers we are absolutely here for it. 

When you think of 90s style, there are some celebrities who immediately come to mind. To nail the look, we've revisited some of the most iconic looks from the decade, along with some tips on how to build the ultimate 90s wardrobe.

Top 10 90s Fashion Icons

 1. Spice Girls (1995)

It wouldn't be a 90s fashion round-up if we didn't mention the Spice Girls. Geri, Emma, Mel C, Mel B and Victoria all had their own distinctive style, but the overall look is the most peak 90s vibe you can get. The mixture of satin, animal print, sportswear and lingerie as outerwear - it captures some of the biggest trends of the decade. With a heavy dose of Girl Power.


 2. Jennifer Aniston 

A woman with style so powerful that she convinced every woman in America to get 'The Rachel' haircut, JenAn was one of the nineties biggest pinup girls. Her 'Friends' character, Rachel Green, was known for her fun and fashion-forward looks, as was Aniston irl. Slip dresses, crop tops and relaxed light-wash denim, her wardrobe consisted of the perfect low-key, cool-girl essentials.

 Jennifer Aniston is a lot of peoples fashion icon but Jennifer Aniston's 90s fashion is something many tend to talk about.

Get the 90s Jennifer Aniston look with a reworked vintage slip dress, complete with skinny straps, perfect for layering over cropped tees.

90s Strappy Slip Dress


3. Liv Tyler

One of our fave 90s girl crush's, Liv Tyler, had excellent style. Known for her A-line mini skirts and cropped knits, her look is still iconic today. Paired with over-the-knee socks and chunky shoes, the look is flirty and fun and still works for now.

Liv Tyler, 1990s.

How to get the look? Our Reworked Vintage suede skirt is the perfect piece to build your Liv Tyler inspired outfit around. Just add a crop tee and your chunkiest preppy shoes and you're good to go.

90s A-Line Denim Mini Skirt


4. Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell (1999)

A duo that we just can't ever get enough of. Moss and Campbell were seemingly inseparable in the 90s as they both rose to the height of super-stardom together. They're model status ensured they were always in the hottest fashion pieces, but they certainly both had a soft-spot for shiny, strappy dresses and barely-there heels

 Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell at the 'Diamonds Are Forever' Millennium Celebration, Syon House, London, Britain - 09 Jun 1999

Our silver chainmail halter top is PERFECT for creating a totally 90s inspired look. Whether you pair it with a mini skirt or with baggy mom jeans, it's a surprisingly versatile party top.

Black Sequin Dress


5. Brad Pitt & Gwyneth Paltrow (1996)

The white shirts, the sweater vests, the tiny, TINY sunglasses - it just doesn't get more 90s. One of the most iconic trends of the era was when celeb couples started dressing identically, with matching colour palettes and androgynous shapes. Obsessed.


Grab your partner and don these perfectly 90s shirts. 

Vintage 90s Shirt

 90s Shirt

6. Drew Barrymore 

Grunge goddess Drew Barrymore was known for her gothic but girly looks. With a similar style to Courtney Love, Barrymore's red carpet looks throughout the era often consisted of cutesy baby-doll, lingerie-style dresses worn with thick platform sandals, heavy black chokers and some vampy, dark lipstick. Modernise this look by wearing an oversized crop-top over a lacy slip for an edgy, grunge look. 

Some awesome images of Drew Barrymore and all of her 90s indie grunge styles. Absolute goddess!

Get the look; Easy to wear, versatile and perfect for layering, the humble slip dress will see you through the whole year. With a tee in summer of layered with cosy knits in winter.

Vintage Lingerie Slip Dress

Black Lingerie Slip Dress


7. TLC (1999)

Don't go chasing waterfalls, but do go chasing the perfect baggy track pants to recreate this look. The lo-fi, DIY look of early TLC outfits are truly inspiring and we will never forget those strategically placed letters. The sporty TLC look is still popular now, mixing baggy sportswear with bandeau tops, bralets and cropped vests


Head to our dedicated sportswear edits to shop the hottest 90s apparel in bright colours and simply add your favourite fitted-vest. Bonus points if you get crafty with needle, thread and your initials.

Nike Unisex Vintage Track Pants


8. Christina Aguilera (1998)

The girl that made us all want to get chunky low-lights, Xtina was a 90s style sensation. Queen of low-riding, bleached blue denim and super-cropped crop-tops, we can't help but want to emulate every look for this season. There was nothing quite like the leather, biker accessories that topped off her bad-girl look, we're digging out our spiked belts right now.

3. Le crop-top Haut fétiche des pom-pom girls, Christina Aguilera et Britney Spears portent fièrement le crop-top sur scène au début des années 2000, tout comme Mel B dans le clip "Wannabe" des Spice Girls en 1996 #ChristinaAguilera #Fashion #90s

Get the look: A raunchy, red, latex finishing touch will upgrade any Christina Aguilera inspired look in an instant.

Red Patent Baker Boy Cap 


9. Gwen Stefani

There's NO DOUBT that Gwen has always had an individual and iconic style, but the 90s were a particular highlight in the fashion evolution. Her signature quirky style incorporates both edgy punk elements like her checked trousers, with Japanese-inspired quirky pieces like the fluffy puffer jacket.

Get the look: Be as fierce and fiery in a pair of slim-fitting checked trousers from our selection of hand-picked vintage trousers.

Checked Trousers

10. Tyra Banks

Before she began hosting our FAVE TV show ever, Tyra was one of the biggest names in fashion and the 90s belonged to her. Her classic, fabulous style was often simple and chic - the perfect example of model style. Tyra was so versatile she always looked 100% the part whether she was in outrageous Versace designs or just a simple shift dress.

Tyra Banks for Gianni Versace 1994'

Get the look: Be a superstar model and recreate this look with a super cute, super versatile shift dress that can be styled in a million different ways and will see you through spring, summer and autumn.

Calvin Klein Shift Dress


If you're feeling inspired you can shop our expertly curated selection of 90s true vintage gems here or if you want some more style inspo then head over to our blog on 90s inspired ways to wear dungarees.

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