We have a super exciting new partnership, joining our exchange programme!

If you have been a customer of ours for a while you will know that the core of Beyond Retro is a circular economy - we are all about out with the new, in with the old!

In our journey to bring you, our lovely customers, more ways to be sustainable, and to help close the loop on fashion waste... we have been running an exchange programme for some time now across all stores in the UK & Sweden where we will buy back your items!

So what does this mean? If you want to clear out your closet... plus fancy a wardrobe refresh, you can bring them into store and we will buy back items in exchange for Beyond Retro credit. We're looking for best designer, sportswear, workwear and now Lucy & Yak items!!

The initiative works by customers trading in old Yaks at any of our Beyond Retro stores around the UK, which are then ready to be given new homes, in order to prevent clothing ending up in the bin unnecessarily. 

How does it work? 

  1. Take any Lucy & Yak item that you no longer need or want to a Beyond Retro store (see a list of participating physical locations here).
  2. For every item donated, you will receive a voucher to spend in Beyond Retro, as well as a Lucy & Yak voucher to spend (value of the voucher depends on what the returned item is, and its condition).
  3. Beyond Retro will then either resell the item, or recycle it, giving your old clothes a longer life. Happy days. This means: You get to refresh your wardrobe with sustainability in mind, and your old Yaks go to a loving home, or get turned into something just as lovely.

Lucy and Chris, Founders of Lucy & Yak say :

"We have always thought big when it comes to circularity, but as a small fast growing business, resource and space limits what we are able to achieve on our own, collaboration is key to solving the problems of this industry. This is why we are so grateful for everyone at Beyond Retro for working with us to make this exciting collaboration a genuinely useful project that helps our community minimize fashion’s negative impacts, and extends the life of our clothing. We are proud to be associated with a brand that from day one has made circularity accessible to more people."


March 22, 2022 — Tash Hall