Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do :)
My name is Haidar Beden and I’m a young creator from Stockholm. I do all sorts of things but mainly I work at a creative agency here in Stockholm called Åkestam Holst. I have always liked fashion and I love expressing feelings and identity through clothing and style. My future goal is to start a clothing brand where I work by combining my heritage and cultural roots with the Scandinavian style

Describe this year's CPHFW with three words!
Cold, inspirational, and bold!

What are the top 3 trends spotted during the week?
The top 3 trend I have spotted during CPHFW this season was:

Knitted accessories - For example, many headpieces and balaclavas are knitted but also hand accessories, bags, and other stuff. I love this trend and I think the knitted details will balance out many of the bold looks but also add a texture to the outfits.

Denim - As usual is denim a returning hot topic, it never gets old and I think people always find a way to spice it up and make it casual but in a different way.

Suits - I found many people who found a way to experiment with the “casual” suit and saw very good looks where layering suits were current. Everything from layering suit pants with a suit skirt to wearing two kinds of blazers at the same time, Casual but still extra at the same time.

Best show and why?
I think Selam Fesshaye´s AW23 where good. I got goosebumps watching it, in a way it's very personal and I love the way she combines patterns and silhouettes but still does it in a way where the look is wearable. I really appreciated it because it also was so diverse, both when you look at the models but also the cultural approaches she has in the designs.

You styled a couple of sustainable Beyond Retro looks, what was your inspiration behind them?
I love trying different styles, I wouldn't say that I have just one style that I´m attached to rather that I love experimenting. The keyword to my inspiration behind my looks was variation and boldness.

Your best vintage catch ever?
My best vintage catch yet was this college jacket from Beyond retro. I love that it could be styled both very boldly but also very casually. I really like the jackets since it's very discrete and goes along with many outfits.


Could you share some CPH spots that we shouldn’t miss if going there? 
Søpavillonen - is one of the best clubs where I always meet new and interesting people and I love the energy and the vibe over there.

Café Victor - is a very good restaurant and café that is one of the oldest cafes in Copenhagen. I love their oysters and their fish.

What second-hand piece are you on the hunt for this spring?
I would say that I´m on the hunt for more statement pieces, so not really a specific piece but more bags and statement jackets for sure.

January 05, 2024 — Gabi Kleanthous