Skivesset is a truly iconic record store in Malmö that's been around since 1962. Originally founded by Sven Lindskog, Skivesset is today owned and run by his son Peter Wihlborg and his two sons. 

The business started out as a tax return service, then eased into a hub for people to exchange magazines, books and records. During the years the focus has shifted, from LP, magazines and books via CD, VHS, DVD, Blueray - and now back to LP records. 

Today Skivesset sells both new and old records and is one of Malmö’s must-see record store's. Find Skivesset at instagram @skivesset and the store at Nobelvägen 103, 214 33 Malmö

Style in three words: Upbeat, Tropical, Joyous.


My favorite record at Skivesset right now is Nu Genea’s second album “Bar Mediterraneo” released in 2022. It’s this amazing duo from Napoli with a unique yet familiar sound. It takes you to a warm place full of light and joy which is just what I need after a long, dark, Nordic winter. The artwork is also beautiful, and it really represents the vibe of the music.


When I play music in bars or clubs, I don’t focus on the technical aspect of DJing. My skills are very limited in that area, I’m basically just spinning records and changing them once the song is finished. Instead, I put a lot of time, effort, and money (he he) on finding the perfect records to create the happiest soundtrack for the evening. It’s often a blend of global disco and funky beats. One of my go- to records lately has been this insane compilation (Mr. Bongo Record Club Volume Three 1 ) from my all-time favorite record label Mr. Bongo with lots of great Brazilian psych funk and African disco tunes. Another one that always gets the crowd going is St Germain with the song “So Flute” from the legendary album “Tourist”. If it's afternoon and more of a lounge gig I could go with Cymande, Roy Ayers or Ann Peebles. And of course, Jorge Ben, who’s done so much great stuff.

Best band tee: Kids sized Public Enemy “Fight the Power”

Want: David Bowie original Ziggy Stardust Tour


I remember my first time being in a Beyond Retro shop very clearly. It was in Malmö with my sister who’s really into vintage clothing from the 1940’s and 50’s. She’d been wanting me to come with her for some time and was already a regular, knowing the staff and all the different sections for styles and parts. This must have been in 2015 (?) and I remember getting this feeling of being in a much bigger city, like London or even New York. I got carried away for a while, looking at all these clothes and imagining me in different styles and combinations. It was almost meditative. I still get that feeling walking into Beyond Retro, it’s like a colorful escape from everyday life.

BEST VENUE IN TOWN for new bands is without a doubt Plan B. They book so many artists and there’s such variety in the music - from local indie rock bands to commercial Taylor Swift-clubs. On a good weekend I could probably watch at least ten bands perform. Still, I think Malmö is missing a proper scene for disco and funk.

January 05, 2024 — Elin Tranberg