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Your August Horoscope with Beyond Retro

Posted on August 08 2019

This Summer has, to put it bluntly, been an astrological mess.

You’ve most likely sent a risky text to the wrong person, lost your luggage on your way back from your holidays and had just about everything seem to be going wrong.

Rest assured, there's a reason for it all - that reason being Mercury has been in retrograde for pretty much all of Summer 2019. 

Mercury entered retrograde on July 7th and stayed there until July 31st.

In astrology, Mercury rules communication, intelligence and timing. When the speediest planet goes retrograde, these areas of our life have the tendency to go haywire. 

This Summer’s Retrograde was especially intense as it involved moving from Leo to Cancer, then from Cancer to Leo again.

This caused drama; think passionate declarations of love in the moonlight that seem ridiculous come morning, think fiery arguments over the littlest of things.

This was all the product of Mercury Retrograde. It's nice to be able to blame all your screw-ups on something that is completely and utterly out of your control, isn't it? 

It’s highly expected that you would have heard from an ex (or two, or three, or absolutely all of them) during this period too.

But, I digress! We must resist the urge to write off the Summer of 2019 as a fluke, with it’s eclectic weather and air of melancholy, as we are now in Leo season and thriving. 

We look great and feel great too! This is a period to shake off the Summertime Sadness and move forward, as paths are beginning to clear and our ideas materialise…

Join me, Cosmic Chardonnay, as I talk you through the journey of your Summer and give an insight as to what’s to come based on your Zodiac Sign. Hint: it’s gonna be fun!

And, before I forget: Happy Birthday Leo’s! Shine Bright!


As a fellow fire sign, Leo Season will be kind to you. The natural energy you two share is magnetic, and ask you shake off the tail-end of emotional Cancer Season and disruptive Mercury Retrograde, exciting opportunities for you to cut loose and shine are a-coming!

Last month there was a focus on your home and family sector, as well as in your honours and awards sector, emphasising your career.

If you didn’t hear any news from your boss last month there is a slight chance that you will on August 2nd or August 16th! 

Don’t let anxieties around your career and work-life consume you this month, Aries, as I know you are prone to do. You want to be the best at everything, but have you ever considered you can also be the best at … having fun?

The fire-sign energy in the air will lift you up and Jupiter’s influence this month will nudge you to embark on an adventure.

This could be an adventure of the romantic sort, as the new moon that ushered us into August has cast a spotlight on love for you, Aries. If you are in a relationship, this could mean some exciting opportunities for you and your partner to grow and develop as a pair - become a we, and not an I.

If you’ve ever talked about visiting the South of France and learning how to make wine, or finally going to visit his Aunt in Skegness, now is the time to do it, Aries! 

If you’re single, now is the time to go sit alone in a park, looking pensive. The love of your life might just come and sit next to you! And if they don’t, at least you got to enjoy the last of the Summer sun.

The energy of Leo season could inspire anything, from a solo-trip around the world on a hot air balloon, to a glutinous exhibition of borough market. Whatever you feel like doing this month, do it.

You will be drawn to the more flamboyant side of life, but if you can learn anything from your fire-sign sister Leo, it’s that indulgence is as important as it is necessary in life.

Mariah Carey, Aries icon for August.


Leo season for you Taurus, means a period of calm nights in, which I’m sure is music to your ears! The first half of this month places a heavy focus on home and family, and these simple pleasures should bring you much fulfillment. 

If you’ve been thinking about moving, for example, now is an excellent time to do so. Mars is currently in your fourth house, and it will generate momentum.

Mars takes two years to revolve around the Sun, so it's been two years since you've felt energetic Mars to help you get things moving in your home sector. Take advantage, Taurus!

As well as Mars, you have Venus on your side, which is your ruling planet. Venus will help you to make only the best and most timeless interior choices, something you will be able to stand looking at for the next two years!

I can see a mid century crystal chandelier in your future, Taurus. 

The second half of the month, when the full moon enters Aquarius, will see a shift in your energy.

You will focus less on staying at home and focus on seeing a work-project through to its final stage, feeling recharged by the fire and ready to finish it strong.

The same energy you usually devote to sitting on the sofa and devouring Netflix will be invested in something productive! How inspiring!

Cher, Taurus icon for August.


Gemini is my sign, so I know exactly how painful the past month was. July was essentially a month of challenging scenarios in which Geminis were routinely the odd person out.

Being the social butterflies we are, feeling excluded is one of the most painful emotions. 

This period of disconnection, which was the result of, you guessed it, Mercury Retrogade, is now over.

As we enter Leo season, you will resume your rightful place as the life of the party. 

With the full moon on August 15th will see your powers of communication experience a significant boost, not that you really need it though, Gemini. 

This is an excellent time to have that conversation you’ve been putting off with your housemate.

I know you hate to be the negative energy in the room, and despite all your sage-burning tendencies, sometimes you just can’t help but be it; tell them you hate it when they dip their Tangy Cheese Doritos into your hummus, leaving fluorescent-orange cheese dust in their wake!

Venus, Mars, the Sun and new moon all in your third house which brings happiness and possibly profit. These innate communication skills could soon become fruitful then, whether it be as a hobby or viable money-making scheme! 

Lauryn Hill, Gemini icon for August.


Leo season is all about luxury, and you are going to be taking this to heart. Money and finances are an important factor of your month, Cancer. 

Venus rules love, beauty and money and she wants to show off for you this month in true Leo spirit. It's not just you who wants to spoil you, Cancer, as your friends and loved ones do too. 

I know you usually like to do the nurturing, but this month become the nurtured. 

Accept all the good things that are coming to you!  Your genius is now worth its weight in gold, but you must believe that you deserve the good things coming your way. 

When the full moon happens, Uranus will make some moves that set you up perfectly to make changes in your inner circle and ideas about what "community" is. 

I know you prize stability and routine, Cancer, but you have to accept these celestial influences and drop some beliefs that you once held dear, but no longer need.

You might find your values no longer align with those around you, so this is a beautiful moment of clarity and you should trust it.

Lindsay Lohan, Cancer icon for August. 


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Leo, happy birthday to you!

Your flamboyance, your extravagance, your excellence is amplified this season.As this is your time, Leo, others will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

You are absolutely glowing right now and I love what you’ve done with your hair!

Last month was frustrating for you Leo, with the retrograde and two eclipses, you have many unfinished projects (remember: meeting an old friend for catch-up drinks counts as a project!) and this month is time to finish them! Text that person, make those plans, and follow them through! You will not regret it! 

The pace will pick up and you will find the value in being assertive, due to the influence of Mars. It’s okay to say no, but it’s good to say yes this month, Leo.

The second half of the month for you will direct your attention to your partner, or lack-of partner.

This month is a great time to cement your bonds with that special someone, or establish a new bond with that potentially special someone!

The power of the moon will have you feeling more positive about the future, but be aware of the celestial vibes of Jupiter and Uranus and don’t forget about boring but necessarily things like scheduling and budget when you make those future plans. 

Madonna, Leo icon for August.


Are you okay, Virgo? It’s likely you didn’t even know it was August, because the chaotic energy of the past month really got the best of you. Mercury rules both you and Gemini, so if you have any Gemini friends, do get in touch! Only they will understand what you’ve been going through. 

Virgos are very particular, which is about the most neutral word I can use to describe you so Mercury Retrogade was hard for you.

Suddenly things weren’t going as you had planned and you were about to lose your mind so in response you just stopped. No plans, no agenda, nothing! It’s over now though and now you can finally breathe and pick up the tempo.

I have some important reminders for you: you can buy disinfectant wipes specifically for the bacteria on your phone and you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day in order to be healthy. 

August will see four heavenly bodies in the most private part of your chart.

Though there are some romantic inclinations in your chart this month, the stars are telling me that you must direct these romantic feelings inwardly and towards self-love. Have you told yourself you look great today, Virgo? Because you do!

In the egotistical spirit of Leo season, I urge you to view this month as basically the warm-up to your month.

Take yourself out for a massage, take yourself out for dinner, go support your Virgo sister Beyonce and watch the new Lion King! This month is all about you

Beyonce, Virgo icon for August. 


Looking at the forecast for you this month, Libra, I’m surprised you even have time to be reading this.

You’ve always been well-liked and well-loved, but you’re especially feeling it this month much to your glee!

Friends are going to be seeking you out with exciting ideas for things to do! Life is never all about work for you, Libra, so this month is the perfect time to put it on the back burner.

Don’t do anything crazy like quit your job, because this month requires a budget, but do consider taking a half-day if you can (or call in sick but don’t say I told you to!). 

Go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner with your best friends! Drape your body in Gucci and/or Pucci! Reply to every single heart emoji your Instagram stories receive! Life has not felt this care-free for you for a long time, and you should eat! It! Up! 

Towards the end of the month, the influence of Mars and Uranus will potentially have you seeking some much needed solitude.

After 4 weeks of galloping around, you won’t resent it, either. Take care Libra, and try to remember, you can’t be everyone’s best friend, but you can be a lot of people’s good friends. 

Gwen Stefani, Libra icon for August.


You can come out of the dark, now, Scorpio. It’s over. You survived! Leo season is going to be really great for you!

For the first time in your life, you will be described as”easy-going”. For the first time in your life, you will be the person to start the conversation.

For the first time in your life, you will let someone else make the decision.

There are other magical things going on for you this month, too, Scorpio. Career success is on the horizon, and these will be exciting days for a job interview or to negotiate a raise. 

The second half of the month places an emphasis on friends, and you will feel the warm and fuzzy embrace of your friendship group a lot, this month, Scorpio. Advocate for yourself as well as others, and stunt on your enemies, this month! You deserve to experience your magnetic-ism in all its bed-eyed glory.

Julia Roberts, Scorpio icon for August.


Last month was hard on you, Sagittarius, but the only way is up (and forward!). Good things are coming to you this month, so much so, that I bet you might even announce this period as your favourite time of the year come the years end. 

Leo season will bring you clarity and delight, the power to make decisions that serve your highest dreams.

You’ve been searching for something unknown to you for a long time now, and in Leo season it might finally reveal itself.

Even it it does not, this month will still be rewarding to you. There’s a strong focus on travel, one of your favourite things to do, as a result of the emphasis on your 9th house this month.

Abundance and adventure this way come, Sagittarius! Sit tight!

Tina Turner, Sagittarius icon for August. 


Get over it, Capricorn! They don’t love you anymore! As a matter of fact, they never did!

Sorry if that was harsh, but you have been clinging onto old feelings for far too long, and the fiery-energy of Leo season is the perfect time to banish them forever. Have a bubble bath, perform a ritual, feed pigeons in the park - do whatever it is you need to do to feel happy, this month, Capricorn.

Last month was hard, I know, but this month promises the opportunity to release all that does not serve you.

You’re ambitiousness and commitment is what makes you special, Capricorn, so cherish that but let the feelings that have been holding you back go. That is what it takes to truly prosper. 

There is a focus on wealth, this month too, Capricorn. Not just material wealth, but also wealth in terms of happiness, health, spirituality and more. Leo season is urging you to use your time on your-self, now is the time to start that hobby, Capricorn!

Jesus, Capricorn icon for August.


Hi freak, welcome to August! It's going to be a bumpy ride for you, Aquarius, as Leo's hot-blooded-i'm-all-that-and-more-think-with-your-heart-not-your-head energy is basically in complete conflict with your air-headed-sense-of-mystery-maybe-you're-an-alien-nothing-stresses-me-out energy.

But that doesn't mean that Leo season still can't be fun for you.

The new moon, the sun, Venus and Mars are all here to support you in the romantic department, especially in the first half of this month, Aquarius.

If you have a partner: spend time with them! Actual quality time! Don't sit on your phone in bed with them, talk to them, they have ideas and feelings too! 

If you don't have a partner, now is as good a time as any to re-download tinder and swipe! An Instagram influencer I follow was recently on a trip in Rome with somebody called Mr. Tinder, the most swiped man in Europe and I highly recommend you watch her story highlights to hear what he has to say for himself. 

I know as an Aquarius you identify as a lone-wolf, a loner at heart!

But this month you might just realise you don't have to go through this journey called life all alone! 

The second half of this month, we must welcome your new alter-ego! You're going to become the type of person that buys scratch-card tickets and wins, frequently! Don't ask me how or why, just trust me!

Jenifer Aniston, Aquarius icon for August. 


Are you there, Pisces? Are you listening? I'm very happy you made it through the Summer of astrological madness because we need you this month, Pisces.

The intuition that comes so naturally to you will be a guiding light for the rest of us. I've spoken a lot about clarity, progress and change for you zodiac sisters and brothers, and this won't necessarily be the same journey for you.

We need you, however, to help us on that journey.

You are a magic-8 ball, and your friends and loved ones will seek you out this month for advice, Pisces.

You might not always feel prepared to give it, but if you trust your gut and listen, you will know just what to say. If there was a veil between this world and the other world, you would be that veil.

I would only trust a medium if they were a Pisces! 

You are magical gems and will be rewarded this month, Pisces.

Expect big news in the first half of this month, as lucky Jupiter is under your gracious sign for the first time in 12 years.

Jupiter will have your back! If you've ever wanted to make a name for yourself now is the time to start laying down their groundwork.

I can't wait to see you play Princess Fiona in the made-for-television-live-adaption of Shrek!

Lisa Loeb, Pisces icon for August. 

Join me next month for your September horoscope, and head to our blog to discover more from Beyond Retro.

Words Chardonnay West
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