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'Whip It' Up at Beyond Retro!

Posted on April 15 2010

There really is no stopping the Brighton set! A visit to Beyond Retro in Vine Street is a bit like stumbling upon a hipster paradise; the girls wear polka dot dresses, the boys have feathers in their hair. Sweet, sunshine indie pop plays in the background for hours and they are always resurrecting a nostalgic fashion whim with an endearing, homemade twist! Already this year,  we have had entire Saturdays devoted to Dynasty dress-up (who wouldn't be seduced by the California trashed out appeal of our sparkly shoulder-pads!), headscarf knotting (did someone say twee-love?), and a glam rock extravaganza (Bowie Lives!) Now, I give you my favourite 70s throwback: The rollerboot! Ah yes, Beyond Retro's delivery of this astonishingly stylish slice of footwear nostalgia, make a timely appearance, coinciding with Drew Barrymore's awesome directional debut, 'Whip It'! And the girls (and guys) of our Brighton store weren't going to miss the chance to travel back in time, skater style!Roller Power at Beyond Retro, Brighton!