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Where Our Coffee Comes From...

Posted on October 24 2011

If you've visited the in-store coffee shop at Beyond Retro Dalston, you probably don't need convincing to come again. Our vintage furniture, free WiFi and generally scrumptious atmosphere - not to mention its proximity to the thousands of beautiful vintage items on sale next door - means our little corner of caffeinated delight has been a huge hit with customers so far. Undoubtedly the most important part of any cafe though is its coffee, and we like to think ours is just as special as the surrounds in which you can enjoy it... It's served from a La Marzocco machine, a company who invented the first espresso-makers and whose hand-made appliances continue to be considered the Rolls Royce of coffee machines by those in the know today. What goes into the machine before it becomes your misleadingly humble cup of Joe is a whole story in itself. Our ingredients are supplied by Small Batch, a company celebrated in the industry for its ethical practices and delicious produce. Sourced through Direct Trade initiatives, they change their range throughout the year to reflect not only the seasons over here but the new crops arriving from around the world too. This means that while their signature flavour profile is strictly adhered to, its component parts change to keep it fresh and seasonal. The beans involved are roasted in batches of no more than 12 kilograms to ensure the coffee is always the absolute freshest it can be. Each batch is then tested and tasted before it makes its way to Dalston and into your cup. Enjoy yours alongside one of our delectable pastries, cakes or slices and keep an eye out for our special Hallowe'en treats this week...