It’s the season for dragging our bodies off the sofa and schlepping ourselves into the night. We do it to be with the people we love or at least work with five times a week…

Getting dressed at this time of year can be tricky, but, like most things in life, can be simplified when astrology is applied!

Water sign babies, for example, should always opt for something comfortable; whereas fire sign babies should always lean towards the more extravagant. Keep reading for Beyond Retro’s guide on how to dress for party season, according to your star sign! 


Aries, the fiery first sign of the zodiac, fueled by a certain joie de vivre that's contagious for all those blessed to bear witness to an Aries delightfulness.

Whilst they can be hot-headed and occasionally cruel, Aries are also dynamic, impulsive, creative and magnetic. Also, according to the stars, inclined towards a distinctive sense of style and a penchant for headpieces.

When shopping for your party season outfit Aries, I was drawn to the shiniest of things - but they seemed too impractical to support your lifestyle. I thought about the Aries I know, and where I’m most likely to find them at a party, and it’s then I knew you needed something to move in.

Aries, let's be honest, love attention and they love to dance. Which is why I knew, Aries, you needed these 1970s, vibrant red flares. Not only are they perfectly festive, but I know you’ll be able to style them in a way that’s sassy, sexy and just so you

Go forth Aries, and try not to hurt anyone's feelings today! 

1970s Flared Trousers.


Hello Taureans! 

Party season makes you nervous, because you know you’ll have to sludge about in the cold.

But party season also makes you excited, because you know you’ll have the chance to eat all those delicious yummy treats that only seem to exist during the merry month of December.

Minced pies, cheese on cocktail sticks, normal everyday food but it’s from M&S so instantly yummier. It’s the thought of those snacks, Taurus, that will make you move this party season. 

For your party season outfit, I didn’t opt for a slinky top or a shiny dress, no, because those items of clothing have no forgiveness. 

I opted for something you can feel comfortable in, something that will grant you with the magic of an ambiguous silhouette; what I’m trying to say is, I opted for something you can eat in and then hide the bloat.

I present to you Taurus, this beautiful, 1970s tapestry coat. You do like to loath about Taurus, but that does not make you a glutton or a slob. Ruled by the glamorous Venus, you ooze a certain charm. Think, a Hollywood film star, a selection of pastries at her fingertips and half-drunk bottles of good wine. That’s you, Taurus. And that’s why you need this coat.


It's not your fault Gemini. 

When you combine your lust for social stimulation with your epic disorganisation, you will inevitably end up in situations where you have to send texts explaining "hi i’m really sorry but i might be a little late i had after work drinks at 5, a yoga class at 6, dinner with a friend at 7, movie with a boy at 8 and late night drinks with another boy at 10 but i’ll try and catch you at 11!”. 

That’s why when you do eventually (if at all) show up, you have to look incredible.

Show-stopping, eye-catching, jaw-dropping incredible.

So, Gemini, for you, I offer you this 90s party dress. It’s magnetic, like you, so people (as if they weren’t already) will flock to you like a moth to the flame. 

Enjoy talking absolute bollocks all night in this dress! 


Cancer, cancer, cancer. Much like your Taurus friends, you are reluctant to leave the house at this time of year, and, well, always

You might not want to leave the house, but as the sign of parenthood, you need to be there to take care of your drunken friends. Your everyones mum, coming in with tissues and good advice.

You’d much rather be snuggled up on the couch under a blanket, and with this jumper, it will feel like you are!

Don’t be offended by the lack of glam, this says nothing about you, just everything about where you want to be. 


I knew you were going to hate everything I picked out Leo, so instead, I opted to point you in the right direction.

An important thing to remember, Leo, is that you steal the spotlight everywhere you go. Whether or not you mean to, although, you always mean to. 

So, why not shop our designer edit, to a.) treat yourself and b.) treat everyone else with how good you look. 

Or, you’re loyal, Leo. Loyal to your friends, loyal to your morals, and loyal to a festive theme. Why not try a novelty Christmas jumper?


Thank you for your hard work, Virgo. You organised the friendship groups Secret Santa, and did the impossible of introducing order to chaos.

You're probably pretty busy this party season, already, Virgo. You nominated yourself to cooking every single dish, and you're too proud to ask for help. This dress is perfect for you, delighting your taste for beauty and order.

A dress that's structured and pretty? Check and check!

Virgo 1970s Dress.


You don't need any hints on how to dress, Libra. You perhaps need a second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) opinion on what to wear to every party you will be attending this party season (and, for the record, there will be a lot!). 

So rather than source you a party dress, Libra, I sourced you a party bag. The only thing you want more than shiny things is harmony, and while I can't offer you that, I can offer you this bag. 

You're like a magpie, Libra. Drawn to shiny things. Look at this shiny bag! Don't you love it?

I know how hard it is for you to make decisions, so I found you something that will go with everything in your wardrobe.


Christmas isn't a sexy time for many people, but it is for you Scorpio. Despite being bloated every day of December, and not leaving your pyjamas for the latter half of the month ... the deep sex appeal that animates you will be in overdrive. 

This dress is everything you should be this party season, Scorpio. Mysterious and sexy.


Party season for you, Sagittarius, is all about surprise. You get bored easily and crave novelty and surprise. Rather than find you a party dress, or even a party bag like I did sweet Libra, I found you a party coat.

Some might interpret it as a flashers coat, and that was sort of the point. You can surprise your fellow party-goers with wearing this over nothing at all. Have I said the word surprise too much?

Calvin Klein Trench Coat.


Hello Capricorn! You have your feet firmly to the ground this party season. It's the end of the year and the end of a decade, so it's time to savour the fruits of your labour this past year.

As a cardinal sign, you've most likely already planned what you're wearing until April 3rd, 2020, but might I suggest this particular sleek velvet blazer?

Its form-fitting silhouette will show off everything about yourself you want to show off, and it is the perfect amount of sophistication and chic for you Capricorn!


You are all about the eccentric, the fascinating and the cutting edge. 

Party season is a great time for you, because you're so carefully surrounded yourself with a bunch of fascinating people, and now you get to have them all in the same room! No meaningless Christmas chatter!

For your party season outfit, I recommend this beautiful blue blouse. Striking and different, just like you, Aquarius. 


Pisces, you understand everything and nothing at the same time. Party season for you will mean vague social media posts, blurry selfies with ambiguous captions, and such.

To capture your ethereal yet I-know-how-you're-going-to-die vibe, we recommend this dress!

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Words Chardonnay West 
December 10, 2019 — Chardonnay West