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Wear What You Want! A Beyond Retro View From the Front Row!

Posted on February 16 2011

Sometimes, you just have to say 'boo' to what you SHOULD be wearing! So get ready to put your own style stamp all over London Fashion Week! Every day during London's hottest style spectacle, I'm going to bring you (alongside all the best vintage catwalk copycat scenes, of course) a mesmerising, glamorous or seemingly tricky (first looks can be deceptive and all!) piece of clothing straight from the Beyond Retro closet! All year round, our collection of kickass clothes draws on the style sensibilities of several decades and we don't like to miss anyone out! We know it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it! And we know, retroheads, that those designer looks really start with you! So, come on in, wear what you want (as long as it's vintage!!) Besides, trends are so last season, daaaarling! To start you off (ahead of time, I know, but you can get some practice in before Friday!) is this formidable retro, menswear recommendation! Perfect beach wear apparently, but to me, it has an East London vibe! Wear it wherever you like! If you love it, click here!