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Vintage Spotlight #82

Posted on April 02 2012

In today's troubled times, austerity is a measure of the wardrobe as much as the wallet, and if you're a fan of high fashion, you've got to think creatively to keep up appearances. One tactic is to fake your lofty sensibilities with imitations pieces like this "Hermès" bomber jacket. The Feaux D'Artifice was designed by Michel Duchene in 1987 and issued as a scarf on jacquard silk to celebrate the 150th birthday of the fashion house. As one of the company's best-selling prints, you're not going to fool anybody with this jacket (the crude lettering and the fact that it's clearly not a scarf are the subtle give-aways), but it's a great bit of fun. The fact that the name (meaning Fireworks) sounds remarkably similar to the French for 'false' and 'artificial' only adds to the irony, and proves you've got a sense of humour in the face of financial adversity. Pick it up at Beyond Retro Brighton for a mere £35...