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Vintage Spotlight #81

Posted on March 28 2012

Aspiring writers take note: a craftsman needs the right tools, and if you're reading the Beyond Retro blog the chances are today's Vintage Spotlight will appeal to you a little more than your run-of-the-mill MacBook. This wondrous thing has survived since the 1950s, a feat that would come as no surprise to its manufacturer The Royal Typewriter Company, who in 1927 dropped 200 models in crates with parachutes over the eastern seaboard of the USA to prove their ruggedness. By the time the Diana model was produced in 1953, the company had sold ten million units and was the world's best-selling typewriter brand, boasting Ian Flemming and Ernest Hemingway among its ranks of devotees. Now, we're not saying From Russia With Love was written on this very machine, but there's definitely a certain aura about it which, at £25, is not only more charming than the relentless glow of a widescreen, but a hell of a lot cheaper too.

1950s Typewriter | £25 at Beyond Retro Soho