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Vintage Spotlight #80

Posted on March 27 2012

As our store displays undergo their transformation from A Dark Light to the Gatsby-inspired Walk Like An Egyptian theme, the timing of today's Vintage Spotlight couldn't be better. The print on this fun '70s shirt has got to be one of our favourite ever finds - a bold depiction of  the Roaring Twenties complete with bare-breasted ladies dancing the Charleston with lavishly-attired men who look as pleased with themselves as the future owner of this beauty ought to be. Not for the shyer dresser, this shirt is as much a paragon of '70s extravagance as it is a nostalgic nod t0 '20s decadence and can be found at Beyond Retro Soho for just £20.

1970s Shirt | £20 | Available at Beyond Retro Soho