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Vintage Spotlight #75

Posted on January 12 2012

Although by the books, the ‘60s is the era most accredited with the birth of youth fashion culture, by the roaring Twenties a cultural movement centered around dancing in dark and smoky speakeasies and serving gin to young ladies in knee length skirts was already emerging.  Key to a young lady’s smooth entry in and out of illicit drinkeries was her hat.    The plaited turban we’ve selected for today’s Vintage Spotlight is a headpiece that would have been a favourite in any flapper’s collection.  Its lilac pastel color and luxurious silk texture would have made it a ‘wow’ number over a sharp Eton cut or bob. The elegance embodied in the turban design easily added glamour to the flamboyant jewel-bedecked outfits that were à la mode in the speakeasies, but  would look just as luxurious hiding the worst in a modern belle’s daily rebellion - bed hair.

1920s Turban at Beyond Retro Brick Lane

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