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Vintage Spotlight #70

Posted on October 04 2011

Following on from last week's feature on vintage workwear, today's Vintage Spotlight highlights this brilliant shop jacket all the way from the 1950s. Produced by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, this is a fine example of the mid-century American uniforms that were designed to work every bit as hard as their wearers. The ACWA was a socialist labour union established in 1914 to represent the clothing and textile workers left alienated following a revolt by urban locals against the more conservative United Garment Workers. As well as producing its members clothing, the union supported progressive political causes and was as well known for its infiltration by gangsters as it was for combating corrupt officials. This particular piece has a more humble history, being worn by a Sears store worker named Arnold Petrie from November 1955 and is now available for you at Beyond Retro's Brighton store in 2011.

1950s Light Weight Jacket | £55 | Available at our Brighton Store


Our online store has recently taken stock of a gorgeous array of vintage headwear, and none more special than this beautiful lace nightcap. Dating from the late 1890s, this is far and away the oldest item available online and is an incredible find in such good condition. The lacework is simply divine, while the decorative trim is a classic example of Victorian elegance, making this piece highly collectible and unlikely to hang around for long.

1890s Bed Cap | £48 | Available Online