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Vintage Spotlight #59

Posted on August 24 2011

This jumper is the epitome of football casual style. Forget Danny Dyer's back-catalogue and that questionable remake of The Firm, search out Gary Oldman in the original version and you will find that the fashion of the terraces can still be pulled off without having to have a copy of Loaded in your back pocket. Slip on your Farah slacks, or some Levis Sta-Prest with a pair of Adidas Gazelles, get down your local, look the part and scare off all those horrible Manchester United fans (who aren't even from Manchester anyway).

Fila Jumper | £28 | Available at our Soho store


What fun.  Opaques, knitwear and a cagoule in August.  Who’d a thunk it; that this last week of August would be a total wash-out?  But hey, let’s not be too dispirited.  The damp and drizzly weather need not match our personalities.  And today’s vintage spotlight highlights all the good things about autumn.  Sometimes we’re lucky enough to see through the murky fog to vibrant shades of oranges, reds and yellows. And this dress does a great job of brightening up our day with its cheeky exposed zip on tulip shaped skirt.  Team with those essential opaques and killer ankle boots

1970s Floral Dress | £28