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Vintage Spotlight #49

Posted on August 04 2011

We might go slightly off topic today, but bear with us. This 1960s suit jacket came through our warehouse and skipped straight to the front of the Vintage Spotlight queue because it's designed by DAKS, the British tailors whose former residence is none other than Simpson House, our new home in Dalston. The story starts in 1894, when Simeon Simpson set up a bespoke tailoring service in the City of Lodon. By 1929 they had moved it to warehouse on 92-100 Stoke Newington Road and within a year the DAKS trouser was born, a garment notable for its patented self-supporting waistband in a period when most men relied on braces to keep their trousers up. The name 'DAKS' is thought to be a contraction of "Dad's slacks" and to this day is still the most commonly-used word for trousers and underpants in Australia. Six years later, in 1935, with a strong brand behind them, the Simpson family opened Simpsons of Picadilly, a large retailer in central London famous for being the first shop in Britain to have an uninterrupted glass frontage. The company's ethos was to provide "quality clothes for the well-heeled" and attracted many of "The Tweedy Set" - Royals, MPs, dignitaries, landowners and of course, the future fashionable friends of Beyond Retro! Only a few years before this jacket was manufactured,  the shop employed Jeremy Loyd as  a junior assistant, who drew on his experiences when he went on to write Are You Being Served? in the '70s and '80s. Items like this are what we love about vintage clothing - they come with their own story that began long before you laid eyes on them and we're very excited to be part of the story of Simpson House.  Boys, we think we've found the perfect party piece for the grand opening of Beyond Retro | Dalston!

DAKS Suit Jacket | £24 | Available at our Soho store


A look that never seems to get old in any season is the trusty old belt.  Whether it’s to create that desirable hourglass figure or literally just stop your trousers from falling around your ankles, a good belt is the staple to any wardrobe.  But why are getting so enthusiastic about a strip of leather?  Well, vintage friends, we’re sure you already know by now about the abundance of trouser holder-uppers we have in store.  And this one’s pretty cute.  Tan leather and engraved silver metal detailing, add it to white summer dresses or fasten around over-sized trapeze dresses and you’re done.  Easy.

1980s Western Belt | £14