Let’s start the week with something grown-up and dreamy! Passing through Angel on Sunday, I stumbled upon a shop filled with fairytale vintage and boutique designs! Twenties dresses draped nonchantly across a chair, starry dancing shoes looked very old Hollywood and wedding gowns hung like romantic heirlooms at the back of the store! The sophisticated, bygone silhouette belongs to ‘My Sugarland’, a timely treasure trove that cleverly edits our stylish past, leaving us with a cache of coveted goodies! It all sounds quite exclusive, which is good news for the first 50 customers who apply for tickets to this bijou event! Happening on Wednesday 12 January, between 6.30pm and 9.30pm, you’ll be treated to an evening of style, champagne and shopping! There will also be a pick of pop-up sale shops in-store on the night too and you get a chance to win a styling session and a £50 ‘My Sugarland’ voucher too! Sounds delightful! To apply for tickets, please email info@mysugarland or call them on 0207 841 7131
January 10, 2011 — Beyond Retro
Tags: imported