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Trans Awareness Week

Posted on November 14 2018

Did you know that for the last 2 years the trans flag has been the most requested flag emoji? Have we got one yet? Nope. But, did you also know that lobsters can be gynandromorphs (having male and female characteristics). So, until we get the real trans emoji, we’re getting the lobster.

This trans awareness week, we’re getting our Claws out at Beyond Retro Soho. Join us on Thursday 15th from 6-830pm for nail painting, photos and a talk from trans activist and writer Charlie Craggs herself.

The Nail it campaign is petitioning Unicode (the people who decide which emojis appear on our keyboard) and using the lobster to show how much a real trans symbol would be used. The first step in our movement was awareness, and we’ve secured over 3,500 signatures already!

If you want to show your support this trans awareness week, this event’s got you covered. Come down, get your nails done, flip off Instagram, sign the petition and have a chat with the Nail It gang.

Follow #ClawsOutForTrans on Instagram and keep using the Lobster on Google Android 9.0emoji so we can show how much the Trans community deserve their own flag.