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Top Five Wes Anderson Style Moments to Recreate

Posted on October 04 2018

Since 1996, our idol Wes Anderson has been making aesthetically pristine and witty films for those with who love vintage styling and Pantone perfection. Since 2014, our heroes at Wes Fest have been putting on various celebrations for everything about our favourite director and more. This year they’re bringing us their biggest production yet and we luckily had the chance to get involved.

We’re hosting the launch night screening of the nautical classic The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou on the 11th October in our Brighton store, and we’re giving all festival ticket folders an exclusive 15% discount to get decked out in vintage garms for the weekend! Each party encourages attendees to sartorially dress as their quirky character of choice, so here’s a round-up of our favourite character looks for inspiration...


1) Mr Fox, The Fantastic Mr Fox

Based on the 1970s Roald Dahl book of the same name, Fantastic Mr Fox became an immediate family favourite after it hit the screens in 2012. Voiced by George Clooney, Mr Fox dresses almost as impeccably stylish and smooth as his voice actor. Achieve the look yourself with a vintage blazer, a 70s shirt, suit trousers and one of our Halloween fox masks available in store.

2) Madame D, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Arguably the creepiest looking character in the Wes Anderson universe, this homage to Tilda Swinton’s character Madame D from The Grand Budapest Hotel was made possible with a vintage yellow dress and statement accessories. We’ll leave the makeup up to you.

3) Chas Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenenbaums

Co-ordinated trackies and sports luxe are fortunately still on trend which totally makes Chas Tenenbaum and his red Adidas look one of the stylish Wes Anderson moments. Shop vintage Adidas sportswear online to complete your own rendition.

4) Steve Zissou, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

All aboard this iconic Wes Anderson look from The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, played by a familiar face to the franchise Bill Murray. A few hues’ of blue and the pretty iconic team Zissou beanie and you and your friends have got this look down.

5) Sam, Moonrise Kingdom

The Moonrise Kingdom protagonist has a wardrobe full of looks we’re envious of but the scout costume complete with racoon tail is by far the most memorable. Find one off genuine vintage scout bits for boys and girls, as well as other khaki styles in one of our stores or online today.

Don’t forget that all Wesfest attendees receive 15% off everything in our Brighton store up until the 15th October, don’t miss out!