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Top 5 Tips On How To Have A Sustainable Halloween

Posted on October 18 2018

Whilst the scariest time of year has come back to haunt us and the monsters are getting mashed, there’s no excuse to throw away our sustainable sensibilities for a few days of fun.  Luckily we’ve always got a few tricks (and treats) up our sleeves because there’s truly nothing scarier than a destroyed planet so be sure to give these handy tips an eyeball.


Create A Costume From Things You’d Definitely Rewear

Imagine for a second, ʰᵉᵃʳ ᵘˢ ᵒᵘᵗ, being a Halloween costume. Not only do people find you scary but your owner discards you after one or two days of use before ghosting you forever. A Halloween costume can be for life, not just Halloween if you tailor your look of choice to your everyday outfit tastes. Dress as a Spice Girl if you’re into 90s trends or a Scooby Doo character for that 70s vibe.

Buy Second Hand Halloween Costumes

Speak of the devil. With every new plain cotton tee using up 2,700 litres of water in production, it’s obviously better for the environment to buy second hand and who knows how many raw materials it takes to make a cheap Halloween costume. A classic tip from us but vintage just feels and looks better! You can shop our up-cycled LABEL Halloween collection online.

DIY Halloween Decorations To Use Every Year

Buying decorations just to throw them away not long afterwards is not only a waste of money but is essentially just feeding those real-life monsters the landfills, especially if you’re heavily relying on that pesky plastic. Reusing the same decs as last year would help a lot but check out our ultimate party guide for some DIY ideas.

Eco-Friendly Halloween Treats

Cheap Halloween sweets tend to be covered in plastic and those lolly sticks won’t biodegrade any time soon. For the demons knocking on your door, consider handing out toffee apples on wooden sticks or little keepsakes. Opt for reusable glassware and crockery as opposed to the single-use disposable kind too!

Say Boo To The Plastic Bucket

There must be hundreds of thousands of those Jack-O-Lantern buckets not-quite-rotting away in landfills right now. Try going trick-or-treating with a different kind of container, perhaps a pillowcase or regular handbag. Even your usual 5p supermarket bag would be better.


Keeping sustainable doesn't end with Halloween, so check our some of our top tips on helping to reduce your environmental impact all year round!