Who doesn’t wear a jumper in the winter? Even dogs in the streets do! Knitwear is crucial in these colder months to help keep us all cosy and most importantly, looking cool.

The beauty of knitwear is that it can come in all different types and cuts and patterns and be quite woolly, so we’ve made this lil handy guide to help all of you navigate the world of all things knitted.

1. Sweater Vests

Who knew that these normcore classics would be the trend piece of the year? All we know is we can’t get enough of them. They’re perfect for when you want to keep your core warm but your arms just wanna party. 

Beyond Retro Staff Wearing Sweater Vest


If you're a bit weary on how to style them then the easiest way is to layer them with a long sleeve plain t shirt or turtleneck, you can let the vest do all the talking then. Or you find yourself an oversized one to wear over a plain white shirt and have a play with proportions. Have a look at our fave boy Harry Styles or start stalking Gucci for mega inspiration with these.

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2. Cardigans

Did you know that the cardigan came about in the 1800’s during the Crimean war? And were named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan? And cardigans for males can be called a mandigan? Neither did we! Thanks Google.


Vintage Cardigan at Beyond Retro

Cardigans are so great at keeping you nice and cosy and can help you show off your cool top underneath, or you can go for a 90’s vibe and wear them buttoned all the way up with nothing underneath. 

They're the perfect knitwear jacket hybrid.

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3. Cable Knit

These knits have always looked so elegant and classy. Such a distinguished form of knitting, and the best part is that the cable knitting type can be personalised in so many different ways. By crossing your stitches you can create so many different types of accents on jumpers such as twists, braids, rope-like patterns and chunky cables. 

Vintage Cable Knits at Beyond Retro

We particularly love the cream heavy wool cable knit styles, the perfect jumper for when you're in the countryside having a stroll. Especially when paired with a pair of wellies and a wax jacket. Check out our history of Cable Knit blog

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4. Nordic/Fair Isle

The perfect way to look festive without wearing a full blown Chrimbo jumper (if that’s not your thing). Just pair it with your comfiest pair of jeans and you’ll be the envy of everyone with your levels of comfort and style.

Vintage Fairisle Jumpers at Beyond Retro

You can find these in the form of cardigans, pullovers and even sweater vests! Something for everyone!

Check out our other blog post on these knits if you wanna learn more about their interesting history!

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5. Turtleneck 

We promise that Steve Jobs hasn’t copyrighted these. Turtlenecks for all! 

Beyond Retro Turtleneck Jumper

When we say they’re a wardrobe staple, we really mean it. They go with everything and look good on everyone. 

The best part about it is that they’re unbelievably perfect for layering. Wanna wear your fave summer dress but it’s too cold? Put a turtleneck on underneath! Wanna wear a T Shirt but your arms will be cold? Put a Turtleneck on underneath! They honestly do it all.

November 11, 2020 — Megan Hunter