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Top 10 Vintage Gifts for 2020

Posted on November 24 2020

Christmas is after all the most wonderful time of the year, but the lead up is definitely the most stressful (why wasn’t that part in the song eh?).

You have to worry about the food, spelling your 2nd cousin's name right on a card, trying to remember if your sister is still vegan when planning Christmas Dinner and most importantly what on earth to buy everyone! And now to top it all off, you’ve got a pandemic and lockdown 2.0 to add to the equation!

We thought we’d help alleviate a teeny tiny bit of stress and help you think of amazing sustainable gifts that will even impress your un-impressible parents in law!

You’ll just have to try to not keep these for yourself!

Sweater Vest Beyond Retro

Sweater vest

The hottest piece of knitwear this year. Not even a question.

We love them, you love them, everyone loves them. This makes them one heck of a great gift, especially for your fashionable pals.

Seen everywhere from the Catwalk, to on your fave celebs and influencers and on the streets, make sure they’re seen under your Christmas tree too!

Check out our Knitwear blog with tips and tricks for how to style them

Shop Sweater Vests


Even more of a classic christmas gift then socks, but way more exciting and cool. Who doesn’t want the gift of warmth?

They’re a great versatile gift as well, who didn’t use to borrow their parents or grandparents' cardigans? So you’re giving a gift for multiple people! Efficiency!

The multitude of styles you can find also means that there’s something for everyone. From chunky cable knits to plain button up thinner styles or even go on theme with a christmas one!

Shop Cardigans


What’s more boujee than cashmere? It’s mega soft and whenever anyone compliments an item that’s cashmere, if you then say to them that’s what it’s made from, it’s the ultimate hair swish comeback.
You can get cashmere in hat scarf and glove form, it can be blended into tailored coats or our favourite is knitwear. Whenever your gift recipients wears a cashmere jumper you got them, it can feel like you’re giving them a warm hug.

The best part? Cashmere is hypoallergenic which means it’ll be ideal for even your most sensitive friends.

Shop Cashmere


Shop Vintage Fleece Beyond Retro


Got someone who needs a gift that’s more brand conscious? Are they into The North Face, Columbia or Patagonia? We’ve got you covered.

A multitude of colours and styles, from the branded to the boldly coloured or even a printed one!
They’re literally designed for warmth, you can get a fitted one which will work underneath your winter coat, or an oversized one to replace your winter coat! We promise they’re not just for geography teachers and librarians.

Shop Fleeces

T Shirt

The most versatile and easy to wear item anyone can own. Whether you like plain t shirts, or you want to show off your latest favourite band, or even your fave cartoon character, or maybe you just want to customise it yourself! We have a multitude of ‘em.

Shop TShirts

Shop Vintage Trench Coats Beyond Retro

Trench Coat

These have been a classic in people's wardrobes ever since they were invented in war times, and they're here to stay!

You could go luxury with Burberry or Aquascutum, keep your eyes peeled as these pop up on our Depop and Asos Marketplace page every now and then. Or you can go for a fur lined one for winter warmth. Or go classic and go for your favourite shade of beige!.

Shop Trench Coats

Silk Blouse

There is not much that can compare to a silk blouse. It’s the ultimate symbol of effortless chic and it’s a timeless, completely versatile, always elegant addition to any wardrobe. They’re always top of ‘how to dress like a fashion editor’  or ‘how to create a capsule wardrobe’ lists.

If you’re wary of what the recipient may prefer, you can always play it safe with neutral colours like cream, black or grey which will go with any of their preexisting wardrobe. Or if you know they’re not one to shy away from making a statement, choose a bold colour or print!

A silk blouse is also the gift that can last, great for sustainability! Despite it’s delicate appearance, silk is known for its durability and strength as a fabric. If cared for properly it can last a very long time! As well as this silk is amazing at adapting to temperatures, it has natural temperature-regulating-properties make it a good fabric for all climates and all seasons. Definitely perfect for a wardrobe staple.

Shop Blouses

Shop Vintage Faux Fur Beyond Retro

Faux Fur Coat

The best way to elevate your winter coat options? Faux fur.

Leopard print, neutral or bright coloured these will keep your loved ones feeling warm but also looking extremely stylish from day time all the way through to party time.

The best part about giving one of these as a gift? They're huge! Your present will dwarf everyone else's under the tree!

Shop Faur Fur


We’re predicting nearly every stocking this year is going to have a face mask in it! The most sustainable ones you can get are obviously recycled or recyclable.

Our facemasks are fully sanitised and fully unique! One side of them is made from vintage fabrics (denim, silk scarves, 60’s printed, hawaiin, so many options!) and the other in a plain black vintage t-shirt fabric.

Available in packs of three from our stores and website.

Shop Facemasks

Gift Voucher

Still at a loss for that extremely picky person even after our very helpful suggestions? Fear not! We have gift vouchers available. That way they can choose the most perfect one off sustainable item for themselves, either in store or online. Plus they won't have the rush of getting something at Christmas time and can choose at their own pace.

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