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'Tis the Season of the Novelty Knit!

Posted on December 07 2010

I love a novelty knit! It's the ridiculousness factor I enjoy, probably. Getting to wear something tasselly, multicoloured and smiley (all at once, would you believe?!) without people thinking I'm mad / deluded / overdressed, is great, and, in my experience, kinda rare! (I know because when I brave the Zone 5 streets in a '50s prom dress on a Tuesday afternoon, people can look at me a bit funny!) I love the fact that the presence of a Christmas knit means mulled wine is likely to be nearby too! So, now that December is here, it's time to get serious about this brand of comedy clothing! Firstly, there's lots of colour blocking going on, meaning it's a hot 2011 trend! Next, knits like this are disarmingly attractive (if he's quite hot already and he has the balls to strike a novelty knit / skinny jeans and nice shoes pose, then that's good, right!) Then, there's the 'Dr Who' factor, which just makes bonkers seem actually quite brilliant anyway! So there you have, get a Christmas knit! You'll be fashion forward, romantic and really brainy! Who'd have thought? At all Beyond Retro stores now and online too!Grow a Brain: Wear a Christmas Knit!The Novely Knit Moment