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The Love Boat Sails into Beyond Retro!

Posted on July 29 2010

"Tra la la, the love boat, exciting and new, come aboard, we're expecting you...", so sang the chorus of the '80s most charming daytime soap. Though I remember very little of the original storyline (a tropical skyline, a cruise  liner and some super smiley cabin crew, I think!), mention 'The Love Boat' to me now and I'll feel all fuzzy and warm, like I still believe in the 'growing-up-to-be-a-princess' myth or something! I'll want to skip down to the sea, wearing a '50s circle skirt, hairband and satin ballet shoes, my heart all a flutter! It's that dashing Captain, I think!  Beyond Retro have fallen under the waves of fantasy, oceon romance too, and our summer swimwear look gets a 'Love Boat' makeover! Step aboard for a stripy, nautical adventure!  It's all navy blue (get it?!), stockings and suave, sailor hats!  The beginning of a beautiful style voyage, I believe! All together now, "tra, la la"...The Dreamy Captain's Ship...Sailing into Beyond Retro in a Vintage SwimsuitSteering Some Soho Love Boat styleAll aboard the Beyond Retro love boat!