It is no surprise that the news of Karl Lagerfeld's death spread across social media within a heartbeat, his popularity and influence within the fashion industry is unrivalled. In his 36 year span at the helm of Chanel, Lagerfeld created some of the most iconic moments and took the brand to its highest heights. It is a tragic loss to the industry and to creatives the world over who were inspired by his designs, his work ethic and his approach to style. His death comes after a tragic battle with pancreatic cancer, which he fought bravely yet quietly, with little media attention. His passing will be mourned by millions across the globe, but as Lagerfeld’s death comes during fashion week the effect will undoubtedly be felt intensely across London, Milan and his home, Paris.

His legacy will undoubtedly live on for as long as the fashion industry continues, unrivalled and unwaveringly.

In celebration of his life and his work, we take a look back over his most iconic moments;

Chanel AW14

This show sent attendees into a frenzy as once the show had finished many journalists and celebrities tried to get their hands on cellophane wrapped handbags that looked like packaged steaks and Chanel branded cans of beans. AW14 was just one of the time Karl created a set as visually exciting as the clothes themselves.

Devon Aoki closing Chanel SS01

Fendi Favourites

During his 50 (!!) years at Fendi, Lagerfeld created bold, bright and outrageous designs that captured the attention of the media all over the world. One of the most iconic creations at the brand are the furry charms that have become a cult favourite, including the Karlito charm made in Lagerfeld’s likeness.

Chanel Haute Couture 1992

Karl and Anna at the CFDA Awards 1993

That hula-hoop bag; SS13

A handbag worthy of the celebrities that carried it, the iconic quilted Chanel handbag got an upgrade in 2013 for Spring/Summer and turned it into a hula-hoop style piece.

Lagerfeld & Gaga

Chanel Ready-to-wear 1994

The kind of imagery that appears in moodboards and 90’s inspo Instagram time after time, Lagerfeld’s 1994 Chanel collection was full of supermodels and bright colours that wouldn’t look out of place in 2019. This show highlights his talent for taking the classic Coco Chanel silhouettes and creating something fresh and fun

Sci-fi styling; SS17

The most famous cat in the world, Choupette Lagerfeld

Famous pets are not so uncommon nowadays, but Lagerfeld’s pampered kitty Choupette is such a worldwide phenomenon that she even has her own book and makeup line.

Shalom Harlow in 1997 Couture

Lagerfeld for Chloe

Whilst his reign at Chanel is likely his most commonly associated, Lagerfeld also created collections for Chloe in 1974 and 1992.


Words Eloise Gendry-Hearn 
February 20, 2019 — Alana Doyle
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