Naomi Campbell’s Most Iconic Looks

Naomi Campbell’s Most Iconic Looks

Naomi is a bonafide fashion icon, that is undisputed and with such an awe-inspiring style, of course, people will be looking to copy it. In a world of fast fashion some brands and celebrities, *cough cough* The Kardashians, try to imitate an iconic look without giving credit or making it clear they are paying homage.

A muse to many designers and seemingly ageless, Campbell continues to be flawlessly dressed and always pushing artistic boundaries with her looks. In a world of knock-offs, we believe in celebrating authentic vintage style and today we’re giving thanks to one of the industries biggest players. So here are our 10 favourite Naomi Campbell looks.

  1. Doubling Down

A vision in blue, we will always love a bit of double denim but Naomi went all out with these flared jeans and matching sequined denim bandeau. Summer party inspo? We think so!

  1. Lowkey who?

A satin bias-cut skirt is a wardrobe staple for summer 2019 but Naomi knew this way before anyone else. The square tinted sunglasses and fur jacket are just the icing on the fashion cake that makes this look feel so effortless. Shop our selection of coloured lens sunglasses and midi skirts online and in-store.

  1. Versace Vixen

Whilst she can do OTT like the best of them this Versace outfit from the ’90s is a sophisticated and fun look which is glamorous yet toned-down.

  1. Safety Is Sexy

At Beyond Retro we are all about supporting important causes through fashion and 2003 Naomi in the rhinestone embellished halter emblazoned with the slogan ‘Use A Condom’ is the kind of thing we can get behind. The top was part of a collection used to support AIDs awareness by London Designer Katharine Hamnett.

  1. All That Glitters

Floor-length, shimmering gown and Gianni Versace as your date; G L A M O U R!

  1. Moss & Campbell; A Powerful Friendship

There’s a reason that so many ‘going-out’ inspiration Pinterest boards feature a billion pictures of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, this friendship is a serious fashion powerhouse. Not only are they style icons and supermodels but incredible business women.

  1. Fashion Queen of England

A lot of British icons were present at the 2012 London Olympics and whilst our GB teams did well Naomi really showcased our homegrown talent. In a floor-length gown and towering heels, she took to the stage at the Olympic closing ceremony and stunned.

  1. Power Dressing

We love a good suit and this white two-piece looks so incredible on Naomi. An iconic 90’s look, the rectangle sunglasses turn this outfit up all the way to 11.


  1. Gingham Goddess

We definitely did not look this put-together on our 22nd birthdays but of course, Naomi managed to pull it off in a blue gingham dress with signature 90’s baby blue eyeshadow..

  1. No Filter Needed

A legendary look, this Versace mini dress is exquisite and perfectly encapsulates Naomi’s icon status. Even the guy in the headset in the back of the picture can’t believe his eyes.

See more of Naomi's greatest style moments along with some of our other top style icons in our favourite animal print looks.


Words Eloise Gendry

Street Style : London Fashion Week SS 19

Street Style : London Fashion Week SS 19

Cue David Bowie- FASHION, yes it’s that time of year again...London Fashion Week, and my goodness it’s shaping up to be a fabulous one. From the rightfully crowned year of the dress to the #metoo movement, it’s safe to say it’s been one of the most exhilarating fashion years to date - and this is definitely something which we found when roaming the streets of London. Whether you’re an outlandishly obscure style-style dresser or a die hard 50’s fan, there’s a place for you at fashion week. We headed down to capture all the style-savvy souls to bring you our favourite looks for the new season.



Yes, it may be September and usually, we're already thinking about the deep depth of winter, but not this year. With the mass heatwave we’ve been experiencing, all we can think of is colour. Bright colours make their way into the new season, with a focus on, yes that’s!

From power pink to pastel, shop pink online 



Whether you’re a busy businessman or a flamboyant fashion student this trans-seasonal piece can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone! We’re loving this purple checked piece worn by the international editor of Vogue, Hamish Bowles.


Your power look awaits, big up your suit game with a vintage blazer.


Faux Fur

A statement coat is something everyone should possess, and winter always calls for some fur action. At this year’s fashion week we have seen a colour full array of faux fluff - from cute capes to hooded coats this is one way to stay warm but still stylish this winter.

You can shop for more statement coats online 


Print Clashing

Bold prints are the lifeline of any vintage fashion lover from animal print to abstract, this trend lets your love of colour and design flourish! 

Tinted Sunglasses

 Seeing the world through rose tinted glasses just hit every other person at Fashion Week. From rosey peach 90s inspired frame to an array of green and yellow hues - we’re into it. Complete your look with some vintage-inspired sunglasses.


Here's a look at some of our other street style saviours from LFW SS 19 

Words Jessica Doolan
Get The London Look: Street Style from LFW A/W 18

Get The London Look: Street Style from LFW A/W 18

For those who didn't get the memo or have been living under a fairly non-stylish rock, London Fashion Week kicked off over the weekend. Twice a year designers present to us their iconic collections, showcasing the very best styling that our city has to offer. There's no doubt that the weirdest and most wonderful looks truly come together with each style season. 
We took a few snaps of our favourite street style looks from attendees, including top trends such as cross body bags to popper sports pants and 70's grandpa vibes. Love the look yourself? We've added our favourite street-style alternatives so that you can shop the looks for yourself. You're welcome. 
1970s style
Military coat
Street style
statement earrings
Shearling coat
Key looks from fashion week 2018
Men's style at London fashion week
Head to toe colour at fashion week 2018
Men's street style
70's style at London fashion
Denim jacket look at fashion week 2018
Faux fur accessory
Trench coat fashion week style
Animal print
Sportswear as seen at LFW
1970's trend
2018 fashion week; sunglasses
Tracksuit top street style at London fashion week
And for everything else:
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