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Some Recycling Razzmatazz at Beyond Retro!

Posted on October 15 2010

At Beyond Retro, all our clothes tell a story. From ‘50s prom dresses to ‘70s ‘Studio 54’ disco sequins, we know there’s a nostalgic narrative running through those rails. But it strikes me, we’ve never shared with you the sweetest story of all! Just where do we get our never-ending supply of style tricks? That 40s tea dress, those strappy, spindly shoes you love, a beaded coat with a hand-stitched collar? We know it bedazzles you when you walk through the doors and see our handpicked collection! As we prepare to open our mammoth online store (oh, yes, another massive vintage dress up deal! Swoon!) we guess you are just a little bit curious... Well, like all the best stories, our fashion fairytale has humble beginnings! The sparkly, style stalker clobber you see today, might never have made it onto our well-loved rails (and then your wardrobes too!) but some serious Beyond Retro magic made it so! Clothing, discarded every year by shop-centric style devotees, could easily end up as landfill (You’ve probably seen those eco stats! The Western world throw away in excess of 10 million tonnes of clothing and shoes annually. The figures are phenomenal!) Right from the start, Beyond Retro have seen the recycling potential of our throwaway fashion sense, and we have been salvaging used clothing on a colossal scale! We have been swotting up on our eco stats too and our vintage loving souls are curiously cheered to know what a difference wearing a recycled garment actually means to everyone! We know that you have to use 1,000 gallons of water to produce enough cotton to make just one denim jacket! When the bygone charm of our distressed, rockabilly or cowboy cuts collides with such steadfast ethical sense, used clothing is suddenly very difficult to resist. We buy from charitable organisations, trawling their sorting warehouses for forgotten sartorial gems! In this way we source some of the finest, fiercest clothing for you to wear again! And it doesn’t stop there! Our fabulous product team are vintage mavens who understand what you want from your retro finery! They are kickass trendsetters who never miss a style trick! Our vintage wonderland works as a fashion playground to a century’s worth of colour & style , but behind the scenes it makes a serious contribution to the charitable efforts of major organisations and, by capturing clothing, otherwise destined for the ‘waste’ stream, it becomes something not just timeless, but beautiful too! If you want to find out more about recycling in our Beyond Retro world, please go here! Picture courtesy of Matilda Ekman.This shows a fraction of the clothes we throwaway every year!Clothing Mountain of Waste!