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#ShowUsWhatyaGot and let us see your wares!

Posted on April 12 2014

We love to see what you guys find in our stores, so #ShowUsWhatyaGot and let us see your wares!


As you know there is the opportunity to find pretty much anything in Beyond Retro from vintage Dior to priceless full body Samurai armour (seriously), the possibilities are endless.

Did you know we deliver around 6000 new items across our stores each week and a further 2000 online? This makes us the biggest independent retailer in the UK where product is concerned, which is pretty impressive even if we say so ourselves *pats self on the back*.

With such extensive quantities of amazing vintage passing through our doors each day it's easy for us to miss some of the gems that have been snapped up, and we feel kinda sad about that as we want to 'high five' you with a well done for your eagle-eyed shopping skills, and feel perhaps a little bit envious hat we hadn't spotted it ourselves! So, what we would love for you to do is #ShowUsWhatyaGot! Simple.

Show off your wares and rub everyones noses in it for not snapping them up themselves on Twitter and instagram using the hashtags #BeyondRetro and #ShowUsWhatyaGot, we will then pick some of the best to feature and give you a shout-out to tell the world you are great!

Why not start this weekend, don't forget we have opened our OUTLET in Brick Lane, there are certainly some great finds to be had there.....Happy shopping!

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