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Say Goodbye to Odd Shoes, Hello to Old Shoes!

Posted on January 06 2011

This is one New Years resolution we won't want to break! Keeping our shoes tidy! Miraculously I'm not too bad (on account of having so few pairs! I'm a shoe fusspot who will never settle for less than peep-toe perfection!) and normally I can find my polka dot stilettos peeping out nicely from under my age-old army boots. But, I have a shoe-obsessed sister who has so many lone heels lying around she could start an 'Odd Shoe Gallery' collection. (I've just thought of that! I might suggest it to her actually!) Someone at Beyond Retro, Soho, must have been fed up with losing shoes too! So those clever people have decided to start the New Year colour-coding and size-sorting our vintage footwear! Sweetly situated straight under the stairs in our Great Marlborough Street shop is a shoe lovers dream display! Take a peek! Just don't blame us if you can't find the other one!Shoe Heaven at Beyond Retro!More Shoes!
Old Shoes at Beyond Retro