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Priscilla Queen of Beyond Retro!

Posted on March 16 2011

Beyond Retro is head-over-heels for musicals, and if you’ve been in-store recently you’ll have no doubt wondered at our dazzling displays celebrating everything from the ‘50s ‘beauty school dropout’ wear of Grease to the ripped oversized sweatshirts and legwarmers pushed forward by Flashdance in the ‘80s. This week we’re into the ‘90s and love the not-so-understated Priscilla Queen of the Desert - think party dresses and leotards adorned by colourful feathers and sequins! Special mention goes to our Brighton store where Taylor, our newest visual merchandiser, has done a stunning job bringing to life the award-winning costumes of Lizzy Gardiner and Tim Chappel (the make-up on the mannequins is a brilliant touch!) Take a look at the photos from Brighton below (and why not listen to our Priscilla Playlist while you’re at it?), or follow us on Facebook to see the displays in our other stores!