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PFW Day 1 | Show of the day: Julien David

Posted on February 29 2012

Day one for the most revered of all of fashion weeks and what do we do? We pick the underdog as best in show. Oh yes. When we set eyes on Julien David’s veritble fashion feast we couldn’t help but fall for the man as soon as it began. Particularly with his surprisingly appealing first outfit for it looked as if it had been constructed out of itchy school uniform. Not forgetting the John McEnroe sweatband to match. He dabbled with so many influences that on paper it reads as a massive headache. But the boy done good. You could see sci-fi with quilted cocoon dresses in synthetic silver, mixed with fairisle knits mixed with Fisherman Friend-esque anoraks. See? This collection on paper does not do it justice. Shape-wise, David uses masculine tailoring whilst playing with full-skirted girliness. His prints cement his excellence even further as his fairisle shapes are actually, upon closer inspection, silhouttes of cityscapes and Hummers. Neat, eh? The concept in this range is bringing the outside in. Or is it the inside out? Whatever, this alpine metropolis was fun yet directional, whimsical and slightly bondage (knitted gimp mask anyone?) and nutty but classy. He clearly likes to juxtapose, which works well for the designer as he appears to have a rare talent by being so good at it. Favourite piece? Tough one. The intricately beaded shirts and minimalist coats were to die for. But those snow boots do look damn comfortable...

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