We know that Christmas time is a time of love and joy, but it can also be a tad bit stressful, rushing round finding gifts, so many parties and of course the thought of a whole day with the family avoiding arguments, so.. how about this for a very special treat....? relax_social This Friday 20th December in the Dalston Cafe from 5.30pm we are inviting you in to unwind and relax from it all with a helping and very healing hands of Sergi Vilanova a practitioner of the International association of Grinberg methods. The Grinberg method is a recgonised relaxation therapy that is designed through massage and awareness of the body increasing energy levels, reducing pain and chronic ailments as well as relieving stress to create total relaxation... Sounds good to us! Sergi is offering customers a FREE 20 minute session this week just in time for the festivities ahead, after all with all the thought of others you have been doing there has to be a bit of 'me time' to be had, has'nt there?! So come along to the Dalston Cafe this Friday, indulge in a relaxing massage and sip on some yummy coffee, or hey its Christmas, a glass or two of wine! foto_01 This is a first come first served basis open until 8pm, so make sure you get in quick and feel the weight of 2013 be lifted off of those aching shoulders,   www.facebook.com/sergivilanovamolas
December 17, 2013 — Beyond Retro
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