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New York Fashion Week: Day 7

Posted on February 16 2012

LOL! LMAO! BRB! ROFL! CUL8R! TTYL! WTF!!! Crikey.  It’s been a while since we’ve had to speak in MSN language.  But that was the “thing” y’know?  Trying to squeeze all information into one text message, that familiar bur-ling noise with a new, witty MSN comes through and when smiley face emoticons were better than real smiles.  The late 90s/early noughties are back, according to Jeremy Scott.  Not exactly the shy, retiring type, Scott’s acid house rainbow feast is very, well, Jeremy Scott.  Leather garments shone like oil puddles over shimmering dresses and t-shirts with rave memorabilia emblazoned across them.  The models looked like Barbie dolls that had been attacked with felt tip pens and studded with rings and stickers.  Scott played with key 90s references with Bart Simpson knit wear, comic strip hoodies and a whole heap of emoticons.  We even spotted My Little Pony and Fraggle Rock fur stoles… Little bit creepy, but certainly cool. This show was clearly nuts, but it had more to it than just being crazy.  This is Scott’s critique on post-modernism and its obsession with technology.  It’s kind of a damning indictment on society’s ever-growing dependence on it.   But then again, this is exactly how Jeremy Scott works.  His pieces are beautiful, not exactly wearable, but certainly a bit deep.  And damn cool.
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