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Mexican folk dresses

Posted on June 09 2009

The folk costume that is the origin of today's Mexican peasant dress has been around since at least the 1600's, and may well be older than this. For centuries, Mexican women have used their skills to embellish simple garments in such a way that they become true works of art. Mexican folk dresses, often refered to as Puebla dresses (Puebla is a city in Mexico) have always been a summer classic. Both Puebla Dresses and Puebla Blouses feature short sleeves, a loose fit and beautiful embroidery. mexican-theme1 During the 1940's and 1950's the US produced movies depicting wild west haciendas and Mexican-themed dress patterns as the craze grew. Additionally, all things 'Latin' had been romanticized since the Jazz Age when posh U.S. nightclubs featured Latin themes. The look returns every summer to beaches and resorts around the world. Comfortable, classic and now avaiable at Beyond Retro red and blue mexican dresses hair flowers and stamped leather purse Beyond Retro Mexican folk dress in red £30 , Mexican folk dress in blue £25 , Silk hair flowers £5 each, Stamped leather purse £40