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Meet Tiny

Posted on April 04 2012

Rabbits get all the credit at Easter, but what about all the other cute critters keeping it real the rest of the year? A few weeks back we published a photo from our latest shoot with Beyond Retro Brick Lane resident Tiny, and you lot went wild for it. With that in mind, as we can't give you all chocolate this weekend, we're giving you the gift of companionship and telling you all about life with London's most fashionable feline... 12 years ago our little furry friend arrived at 110-112 Cheshire Street. Timid at first, we gradually coaxed her out from under the rails with our tuna sandwiches. We called this hungry scruffy little stray Fluffy. Full name - Fluffy Diamonella Jenkins.  Diamonella for a touch of glamour and Jenkins after our accountant. Fluffy won our hearts in no time.  She became a permanent fixture at the till, flirting shamelessly with everyone and putting a spell over all of us. We willingly gave up our office chairs to her,  typing balanced on the last inch of our seat rather than disturb her from her beauty sleep.  We donated our tuna salads, gave her a bed of vintage silk, and wasted many hours gazing into her emerald eyes and stroking her soft, shiny coat. Many months later Janice from one of our favourite shops Lik+Neon dropped in to see us, asking if we had found her Cat “Tiny” (describing our “Fluffy” down to a tee.)  Was  the mother of all custody battles about to begin Was Fluffy to be ripped from our hearts? Thankfully, no: Janice saw that she was well loved and well homed. Her early days with the other  Lik+Neon  shop cats were tough and competition for customer hearts was fierce. Tiny had struck out on a solo mission, choosing guaranteed endless affection and a giant shop of her own. And so, Fluffy became Tiny again with permanent residency at Beyond Retro and a permanent place in our hearts. The adventures of Tiny are many - a near death escape from the jaws of death, the day she turned  bright yellow from nose to tail, the health spa she went to, her Christmas holidays... but we’ll save those for another day. Our most stylish and most photographed member of staff, photos of Tiny are always cropping up all over the internet. If you've got your own, feel free to post them to our Facebook wall or Tweet us @beyondretrouk.