Are you a dog or a cat person...?

Cat person for sure.

Whats your favourite subject to draw?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. I love drawing prints with plenty of detail.

Do you have a favourite pen?

Fineliners. They give a nice crisp edge. But I'm also all about the watercolors!

Fave vintage purchase?

I've picked up so many vintage beauties in the past few years. My favourite would be a blue lace nightgown worn as outerwear. Ultra romantic and whimsical.

If you could be transported back to any decade, what would it be? 

Oh if only I could try them all! If I had to choose, it would be late 1960s and 70s for the amazing fashion, music and flower power. I'm a hippy at heart.



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August 28, 2014 — Beyond Retro
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