We sit down with our fourth bride, The Bride of Lucifer to discuss the perfect honeymoon and being married to the Prince of Darkness...

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Q: What do you love the most about your fiancé?

A: I am in constant admiration of the power he holds over mere mortals... and he loves cats.

Q: Sounds like a keeper. How did you guys meet?

A: I offered him my soul for all eternity.

Q: Wow, that's a long time. So what are the key ingredients for a perfect wedding?

A: Plenty of fire and brimstone.

Q: Sounds... exciting. So what did you do on your honeymoon?

A: We possessed the soul of a young maiden.

Right, well we wish you all the best. Thanks for the chat Miss L!

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October 15, 2015 — Beyond Retro
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