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Posted on August 07 2012

Crikey. Despite our ancestors being on average ever-so-slightly smaller than us (hence why why vintage clothes and shoes tend to be on the small size), these HUGE jeans may be an exception to the rule as some folk may have slipped (and left a gaping hole) through the net... Oh, we kid. Although fun imagining, these ginormous Levi's jeans were actually for shop displays during the 1950's to 1970's rather than for the horizontally challenged. For our Jeaneology week, we are lucky enough to receive a handfull of these bad boys. Some are deadstock, some still come with the original tags and some are very, very special indeed as they have never been worn and are raw denim collectables. Find a pair in all our UK stores. But first we'd like to show you the scale of these babies... We couldn't help but have a play!