There is no definitive history of the colours of Christmas. 

Our modern-day associations of red and green come from a combination of the beauty of nature, for when we think of Christmas, we think of holly trees and bright-red berries against the green foliage, with the commerce of the festive season, think happy, red-cheeked Santa Claus of Coca Cola. 

Whatever their origins, the colours of Christmas have stood the test of time. Around December, every year, people flock to the streets adorned in their favourite shade of red. Red, really is, the look of the season. 

Whether it be your favourite hue or your first tome rocking red, Beyond Retro is here to help you wear red the right way and nail the colour of the season. From styling inspiration, to who wears the trend the best, keep reading! 

1. Red Head-To-Toe

It’s Christmas, so go big or go home!

We’ve told you what to wear this party season according to your star sign, and this look is for all you fire signs, or at least extroverts or daring fashionistas. 

It’s a bold look for sure, but one sure to make you stand out this winter. Wear your red all over this season, from head to toe!

To make this look more office-apros, why not reddify your usual slacks, such as red denim or red corduroy? 

Red Ralph Lauren Trousers.

2. Red Accents

Think red shoes, red bags, red hats

This look is for those of you who might not be enthralled with the idea of dressing like a chic Santa, but still, want to feel the festive spirit in every part of their being when they get dressed in the morning.

For you, we recommend red accents thrown into your daily wardrobe rotation. The perfect pop of colour to keep you on top of this seasons hottest trend!

Genuine Leather Heels.

3. Red On Top

When it comes to wearing red in the colder months, wearing a red coat or jacket is the perfect way to do so.

A chic addition to any outfit, it will turn up the drama and style of your look on your daily commute.

We recommend your red coat being of a more subdued red hue, such as maroon.

Red Wool Coat.

4. Red Patterns

Oh, the perfect time to dress like a Christmas present! Red looks best when it's tartan.

For all you Clueless fans out there, this is the look for you.

Cher in red tartan, or you in red tartan?

5. Clashing Red

Red can be an intense and dramatic hue. Which, is exactly the reason we like it... 

Red can also lean into the chic and romantic side, however, and no more so than when clashed with red’s sister shade of pink

This styling makes red feminine and flirty, a complementary and contemporary pairing. 

Label Pink Cropped Jumper.

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Words Chardonnay West
December 11, 2019 — Chardonnay West