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How To Style With Our Six Summer Essentials

Posted on August 01 2019

Summer style exists in an almost grey area, in which our wardrobe is no longer restricted to categories of ‘work’, ‘exercise’, ‘socialise’, etc. The days are longer and our serotonin levels boosted, and we generally just feel like doing more!

This means outfits need to carry over from work, to after-work drinks, to cocktail hour with friends, to dinner with a lover, to coffee the next morning, to work again, to spontaneous beach bound trips after work and so on … 

Our wardrobe then, must be maximized in order to reduce perspiration, be as adaptable as can be, and reduce perspiration! Said twice for emphasis! 

Don’t worry though, we are here to guide you through this summer heat-wave with our six summer essentials for both men and women. Carry on reading to find out what they are, as well as our vintage inspired ways to style them! 

Six Summer Essentials

1. The ‘Summer Knit’

The concept of a ‘summer knit’ might sound contradictory, but it's really the perfect way to carry over the form-fitting cardigan trend into warmer weather. The trend was seen everywhere this winter, from Instagram to couture catwalks. Rather than let the trend die, we can just cut off its arms! 

We recommend styling with a pair of daisy dukes, over a plain white t-shirt for a 90s inspired outfit. 

Lurex Thread Pattern Vest. 

2. The ‘Asymmetrical Hem’

The asymmetrical hem is the physical embodiment of summer; she’s playful, she’s fun and she’s not what you expected. Which is exactly why the asymmetrical hem is a summer essential! Found in a variety of styles, from dresses to skirts, she looks best when relaxed with a pair of sandals or trainers for a casual yet chic look. Perfect for the office, perfect for tinnies in the park!

Floral Strappy Dress.

3. The ‘Wide-Leg Trousers’

Surprise, surprise! The wide-leg trousers made it onto another list of summer essentials.

The wide-leg trouser has reigned supreme for sometime now, but there’s valid reasons for that! Both comfortable and effortlessly chic, they have the power to give any outfit the ‘wow’ factor. They can be dressed down with trainers or up with heels and their loose silhouette makes for a perfect breeze. 

4. The ‘Swimwear’ 

A fun alternative to the summer tank, the swimsuit should be the first ingredient in all your summer outfits. Vintage swimsuits come in such a diverse and dynamic range of colours and shapes that you will never get bored! 
Wear as you would a tank top, with shorts, skirts, jeans etc! 

One Shoulder Leotard. 

5. The ‘Mary Poppins Bag’

The Mary Poppins bag, called as such because it has the power to fit everything inside! Cans of pimms, a water bottle, sun screen, floppy hat, sunglasses, iPhone charger, the book you won’t read, the copy of Hello magazine that you will, etc, etc!

Silver Shiny Shoulder Bag. 

6. The ‘Slip Dress’

The slip dress is the perfect antidote to mid-summer style fatigue, for when it's so hot but you can’t stand to put on a pair of shorts and a vest once again, in comes the slip dress! Versatile enough for Tesco's and a wedding, depending on how you style it, the slip dress is our summer essential. 

The slip dress can be worn with Doc Martens for a grunge look, a la Courtney Love. 

Light Blue Slip.

Six Summer Essentials For Men

1. The ‘Bucket Hat’

The bucket hat is a no-brainer, keeping you cool in both senses of the word! Small enough that it fit into just about any bag, it certainly has the adaptability required of a summer essential.


2. The ‘Sandals’

A couple of years ago, you most likely would have been laughed at for wearing a pair of sandals earnestly - but as of late, there has been a shift in the cultural pendulum, and sandals are cool again! 

Adaptable enough that they can be worn anywhere (within reason), sandals are the perfect summer footwear. Style with socks if you’re brave!


3. The ‘Denim Cut Offs’

This Summer, we recommend loose fits, cropped finishes and a washed vintage colour. Everyone should own at least one pair of denim shorts, which can be styled with any and everything!

4. The ‘Hawaiian Shirt’

Moving away from the Oxford vibe that saturated mens shirts this past season, a more playful approach is in for the summer. Hawaiian shirts fit the bill, and again the fit should be relaxed, relaxed, relaxed!

5. The ‘Swimming Shorts’

Ever since we watched Call Me By Your Name, we have been obsessed with the concept of wearing swim trunks as everyday shorts. 

Applied with the same concept as the swimsuit above, it allows for the best spontaneous Summer impulses (mainly: jumping in the nearest body of water). Also, if you spill ice cream, it doesn’t matter!

Style these with a looser, billowy silhouette on top, such as a relaxed tee. 

6. The ‘Vintage Band Tee’

Need I say more? If there’s one thing about Summer style, it’s that it should be effortless and nothing is more effortless than the vintage band tees

Looks good thrown over anything, we recommend wearing a size up for extra comfort and breeziness. 

Now you know what to wear, you can find out what to do over at our blog! 
Words Chardonnay West