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How To Nail The Work-Wear Trend

Posted on September 12 2019

The work-wear trend has dipped in and out of popularity over the past couple of years, bringing cult-classic brands like Dickies and Carhartt to a fashion conscious crowd. 

This Autumn, the trend is sure to be cemented and is here to stay. Think of work-wear as a play on a tough, androgynous style with a hint of ironic sensibility and you’re in the perfect place to start experimenting with your Autumn wardrobe.

To explain everything that defines the work-wear aesthetic, we are pleased to introduce our breakdown of, highlighting the brands and the items that define the trend. 

Our Six Work-Wear Must Haves

1. Heavy Duty Boots

Starting from the very bottom, the first item that defines the work-wear aesthetic is the heavy duty boot.

Think of chunky-soled boots, like Dr. Martens and Timberland’s, which serve to toughen up any outfit. Pair with softer, more delicate items for an aesthetic that contrast masculinity with femininity. 

Shop our collection of Dr Marten’s online now. 

2. XL Work-Wear Belts

Making our way up, this over-sized belt defines the contemporary work-wear aesthetic. Where work-wear was once (obviously) crafted for manual labour and work, it has now been re-imagined for a younger, more contemporary audience.

Taking into consideration things like style and appearance like work-wear never has before, it has found a home among the trend-savvy men and women of today. The XL work-wear belt is something of a holy-grail in work-wear style. 

Shop our canvas belts online and in-store now.  

3. Hardware

If shiny things are more your vibe, look no further than hardware. Every hypeboy and hypebae own several of these items, ranging from chain belts and necklaces, to earrings and wallet chains. 

Dickies Leather Wallet with Chain. 

4. Carpenter Pants

Carpenter Pants, made by brands such as Dickies and Carthartt, are something of a cult-classic and a must-have for the work-wear aesthetic.

They go with just about anything, we recommend crop-tops and baby-tees or oversized flannels for an effortlessly cool outfit. 

Carthartt Carpenter Jeans. 

5. Anything (and everything) Fluorescent

Electric shades of orange, green and pink that remind you of what you might see on a construction sight are a must-have for the work-wear fanatic. 

Sure to make you stand out from the crowd, and brighten up the otherwise muted pantone colour wheel of the work-wear aesthetic. 

We recommend hoodies, oversized tees and gilets in the fluorescent shade of your choice. 

Trussardi Utility Vest. 

6. French Chore Jacket

The chore jacket originates from France and was for, you guessed it, work!

Originally worn in blue with matching trousers, the chore jacket has now been re-birthed for the Instagram generation.

Looks best with a casual outfit of a t-shirt and trousers, we promise you this is the coat that will get you through Autumn and into Winter. 

Zip Front Jacket. 

For more Autumn trend inspiration, why not read our How To Style Bleached Denim? Another bonafide hit for your Autumn wardrobe.

Words Chardonnay West

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