Bringing you news of Beyond Retro's glittering customization skills! Seen here is Hannah from our Product Department and one half of DJ duo 'The Enchanted Hunters' getting crafty with the kids of London town! Along with her friend (and fellow Enchanted Hunteress) Madeleine, the girls ran the sewing station at an arts event which took place for young people at The House of Fairy Tales on Saturday! With workshops spanning media, broadcast, live music and performance, the girls were keen to work up some fashion fever! So armed with a crochet hook, a sewing machine and some killer Beyond Retro discards, they managed to get young Londoners creating their own wares! Exploring the design potential of everything from headpieces to tutus, the girls were impressed and wowed by the interest and imagination displayed by the attendees! Of course, we're just wowed by them for taking action to make vintage clothing so exciting to a whole new generation of kids! The next event is on 30 May 2010 in Shoreditch. For more information keep checking the fairy tales website at: Retro Get Busy at The House of Fairy Tales
April 29, 2010 — Beyond Retro
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